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1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Page 1. 14 r. 1. 11 r. 12 13 r. Boombox. Page 2. 1. 3. 1. 1. 3 r. Buoy x8 x8. 1. 4 r. 4. 1. 3 r. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Snack Shack page Water Skier page Trident page Treasure. Chest page Stingray page Shovel page Whale page Surfer. Instructions. Visit this section if you are looking for building instructions from a specific K’NEX building set. Learn More. Categories. Products · Fun & Games.

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If you would like to use this activity with an entire class of 24 to 32 students, we would suggest that you purchase two instriction these sets. Are K’NEX parts guaranteed? We invite you to watch our factory tour video for a behind-the-scenes look at our manufacturing and design process.

Some K’NEX Education Sets support existing curriculum while others are so comprehensive they can completely supplant existing units in the curriculum. At the conclusion of their investigations, the groups rotate to another station. Or perhaps you need to replace lost or damaged building instructions. You will need to enter the model number for the set instrruction the provided field. You can adapt lessons to best fit your classroom environment and accommodate students of different ages and ability levels.

Visit our Model Instructions page and enter the model number for your set in the provided field. Check out the Model Instructions page to find instructions for your set or to see additional builds that may be available.

If a set supports students, you may use it as a modular activity or science center or purchase more than one for use with the whole class.

I remember being at a instructin fair where they had electric powered knex and you could make things like windmills and cars etc.

Enter your K’NEX Building Set Code or Set Name

How can I share pictures of my models? Each part will have a number next to it which is the quantity that should have been included in the set. How can I replace it?


How much time does a K’NEX lesson take? Then the groups can share what they learned with the class to establish how this idea applies to a variety of different things in the real world.

This set provides materials to build four identical vehicles simultaneously. The designs on Instructables vary from very simple to very complex. Clean up and organization are essential, so you need to leave at least five minutes for putting the pieces away and processing what was learned. These sets also contain multiple K’NEX parts and instructions so that groups of students can build models and study these concepts simultaneously.

Each K’NEX Education Teacher Guide also insstruction introductory sections that address how the curriculum is designed and suggestions for usage. In the lessons, teams of students build and experiment with the different models.

If a set supports 20 students, you can use it with an entire class. The skin, or outer layer of the display, is made up of unique combinations of K’NEX parts. How did K’NEX begin? How do I download additional building ideas or instructions? For most sets, manualw curriculum is presented to the teacher in the form of the Teacher’s Guide. K’NEX Education lessons and building exercises vary in length.

Organize the class into five groups. On a weekly or bi-weekly basis, have the team count the components to determine if any are missing and make the sets orderly.

Get K’Nex Instructions Online or Download – Join the Building Craze!

Each group focuses on a different type of simple machine instuction. Examples- Simple Machines Deluxe supports 20 students.

Assign 3 to 4 students to each group for activities. The teacher does not have to be actively involved in the individual lessons. Science, Technology, Math, and Gifted classrooms, home school environments, college classrooms, community outreach centers, etc.

Get K’Nex Instructions Online or Download

All K’NEX pieces are non-toxic and do not contain hazardous chemicals. When all groups have completed the rotation, have students present their investigations and findings to the class. K’NEX parts are made to last a lifetime of normal use. Most Teacher Guides offer suggested duration periods for the entire lesson based, for the most part, on minute periods.


What is the biggest K’NEX model ever made? My account Log in Register. The cards provide the background information about the concept, instrkction to the student, as well as directions for investigation and experimentation with the models they build.

K’NEX Education representatives are manuxls to assist you. The descriptions of the K’NEX Education Sets outlined on the web site and in the catalog specify the number of students the sets support.

Non-battery operated K’NEX pieces manuasl be easily cleaned with soap and water. K’NEX Education Sets contain curriculum support materials, developed and tested by award-winning educators in classrooms across the country. You can use this information to determine your particular needs. These curriculum materials provide lesson plans detailing how to integrate K’NEX into lessons to teach concepts such as simple machines, amusement nanuals technology, potential and kinetic energy, space exploration, fractions, measurement, and much more.

You will find a link to a PDF file in the text under each picture. Currently we do not offer public tours of our factory. How many K’NEX parts are instrction Be sure to check the parts list carefully against the parts in your set. We offer numerous opportunities for students to investigate the topics by including multiple models that demonstrate the same concept. Look for special transition parts that enable you to combine bricks, rods and connectors in your creations.

If you are looking for an educational challenge for the children, then take a look at the model instructtion building set.