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CPP-2 is both a stand alone processor and a sub-component of the. ATL-1 processor. When used as a portion of the ATI-1 it’s basic functions. hi my friends, actually when i develop a 4×5 negativ or positiv; i have to pay about 4€ per sheet + 7€ for shipping at the laboratory. very. I’m considering investing into Jobo processor since it’s always hard to CPP2 usually runs double or triple the price of CPE2 and they are rare.

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Discussion in ‘ Darkroom Equipment ‘ started by amelliceMar 15, Mar 15, 1. I’m considering investing into Jobo processor since it’s always hard to keep temp stable when developing color films and joob the kitchen after that is always a mess. But beside that is there any other difference? Mar 15, 2. If later you want to go to 4″x5″ or larger or make larger color prints you will need this capability.


Mar 15, 3. Mar 15, 4. Mar 15, 5. CPE temperature markings on dial are not very nobo, but once you’ve determined the correct setting, you can pretty much forget about it until you change processing temperatures. It can only raise temperatures above ambient, not lower them.

Jobo CPP-2 vs CPA-2 with lift – differences?

CPP can raise or lower temperatures, provided that you hooked it up to a cold water tap. I don’t know how accurate it’s digital display is. CPP was simply too large, and I rarely needed lower-than-ambient temperatures. Mar 15, 6. Mar 15, 7.

Mar 15, 8. Mar 15, 9. Mar 15, I don’t remember when I took out my tripod for MF to be honest.

Jobo CPE2 VS CPP2 | Photography Forums

Recirculation pump of CPP-2 brings the water into the bath surrounding the tank. You can watch those to get an idea of how the machines function.

The CPE-2 made a major difference in the amount of film I could process with predicatable results at one time.


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