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Dutch Sheets, D.D., is the senior pastor of Springs Harvest Fellowship in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he has pastored for ten years. He has served on the. Intercessory Prayer. With Dutch Sheets. If God is all-powerful, why does He need us to pray? If we pray and nothing happens, does this mean that God isn’t. Dutch Sheets has repackaged his classic Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth. Sheets caused me to examine my.

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Jul 28, Cary Sawatsky rated it liked it. Jan 29, Mel rated it it was amazing.

I would’ve put it down if a trusted mentor had not recommended it to me, and even then it took me 2 year Not for the spiritually unresolved or those lacking in faith.

So I didn’t actually finish this one.

In these stories, the dialogue was stiff and unrealistic. Started reading in ? It is written from a charismatic viewpoint but that didn’t really affect my opinion of the book one way or the other. I, for one, come from a Protestant background, so my personal theology and interpretation of the concept of visions, dreams, etc.

Watch Intercessory Prayer with Dutch Sheets

As inyercessory My New Day fa God is no longer recognized in fallen humankind. I know prayer works, and that it’s extremely important, but far too often I don’t pray as much, or the way, that I should. Pros also has the connotation f stepping forward and facing toward something or someone.

Pro is yb common a Greek word as they come. A person who is vitally in tune with God will know the difference. Put simply, the ‘good’ in this book was ‘excellent’; the ‘bad’ in this book was ‘really bad’.


Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven & Earth

Sheets writes with clarity and humor; he writes as if he is having a conversation with you. Not only did it reinforce many basic truths about prayer, but I gained a number of helpful and practical insights that were new to me. He also addresses the fact that the answer may not be immediate. Had I been able to duhch a human to ask Me to spare this people, I could have.

I have read this book twice and it changed the way I think about praying and God’s interaction with us.

What I Thought About this Book: And what I saw was that I needed some work. I really appreciated these statements because it signified the realness of his writing and true purpose of him imparting these truths of prayer and its meaning to the reader.

As Psalm 8 and Hebrews durch attest, we still image God and we still have dominion. By far the best chapters.

intercesxory The stories that are shared in here will change your view of the power of prayer forever. At the same time I caution people not to blindly accept everything the author says. I read the repackaged version. I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review. Furthermore, Jesus is one with the Father and Holy Spirit, and we know that God is omnipresent, present everywhere. This was a wide-ranging look at many different aspects of intercessory prayer, with a more than ample supply of Bible references and illustrations.

I would NOT recommend this book to a new Christian, or to one who is not mature in the Christian faith; certainly not to one who is easily swayed or gullible. After reading this book I had no choice but to evaluate my prayer life.

Sheets also gave some ideas of specific things to pray about in certain situations, drawing from the Bible for examples. I read this over 10 years ago and still apply what I learned from it to my daily life. Feb 17, Tiffany Anderson rated it really liked it.


Have these books prominently displayed and ready for your customers when they come searching for insight and inspiration about these dtuch new movements in the Church! Quotes from Intercessory Pray Forsaking prayer handicaps you before you’ve even begun. If our prayers don’t change our circumstances what is the point? As a firm believer in the power of prayer, I was very excited to get this book!

Far too many Christians look at prayer as what you do when all else fails instead sheegs looking at prayer as the key to success in everything. I am concerned that someone who is not a student of the Word of God might misunderstand some of the examples in the book.

Sheets does a good job of backing up his ideas with shedts and going back to the original Hebrew and Durch to determine the root meaning of specific words relating to prayer. We can wish He had chosen a different path, but we must accept that He knows best. One of the healthiest things for my learning has been reading wise authors outside of my natural theological intercessorj.

David so eloquently states this is in Psalm In other ways I think he bordered on the heretic side. If I take the wings of the dawn, If I dwell in the remotest part of the sea, Even there Your hand will lead me, And Your right hand will lay hold of me.