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English, Letter size, 4 p. Los resultados obtenidos en este estudio son similares a los obtenidos por diferentes autores en la literatura.

igeo-server.igeo.ifrj.br Two patients were immediately submitted to a new radioiodine administration. Torque calculation in the induction motor with the finite element method; Calculo del par en el motor de induccion con el metodo del elemento finito.

On the other hand, with the boundary conditions imposed to the model, the distributions of the temperature and pressures on the aerofoil profile of the nozzle blade were calculated. English, A4 size, 33 p. Atividades educativas foram realizadas em grupo, coordenadas pela enfermeira, utilizando jogo de tabuleiro. English, A4 size, 24 p. Results showed that the complete polymerization of the resin occurred in 4.

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This is achieved through conformal radiotherapy. Esta tecnica de optimizacion determina el numero optimo de componentes redundancia paralela en lineas de transmision y asignacion de compensacion en derivacion en nodos de carga de la red necesarios para maximizar la confiabilidad sujeta a restricciones de costo, considerando condiciones de seguridad en estado estacionario usando la tecnica del minimo valor singular MVS como indicador a la inestabilidad de voltaje.


A relevant fact, and also alarming, is that the population in the institutions that showed the worse results are children. The analysis is focused iego-server.igeo.ufrj.br in the calculation of the electromagnetic torque.

The use of molecular markers may serve to direct crossings, new hybrids and mutants, besides confirm and identify new genotypes for commercial purposes. Sin embargo, resulta una tarea extremadamente dificil de resolver con estrategias clasicas, geometricas o analiticas.

The input data for the system becomes a normalized vector of seismic signal and its polarization arguments. Se concluye que el control de factores de. Therefore, the validations of the Monte Carlo models are reliable. Organizations are constantly making effort to satisfy customers seeking to remain competitive. English, A4 size, 18 p. Management flow diagrams, the processes involved and current problems experienced by the users are described.

In this work a non-standardized method for on-line diagnostic of high capacity motors based on Ultra Wide Band UWB Partial Discharge PD measuring techniques is theoretically supported, implemented and applied.

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Campista, and Costa, L. The specificity E was English, A4 size, 1p. The results when compared to other models show good agreement for energies above keV and lower values below this energy. Las entradas a la RN corresponden a. An updating of the neutronic calculations performed at the RA-0 reactor, located at the Natural, Physical and Exact Sciences Faculty of Cordoba National University, are herein described.


Estos resultados tuvieron que ser manipulados para ser exportados a un software de elemento finito ANSYS ; en este punto, se elaboro otro modelo de la tobera para poder importar la distribucion de. Analisis del rendimiento y consumo de programas orientados al calculo. Ademas de un programa de vigilancia y control de la exposicion del personal a las radiaciones, se ha organizado un sercicio dosimetrico de urgencia destinado a: The details of the instrumentation, its installation, and the results obtained are discussed in the paper.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

All teeth were submitted to prophylaxes with pumice stone and etching with phosphoric acid. The transformed Z like as an operational method can be used in the resolution of equations in finitedifferences; which formulate the dynamics of the conucrsos of data control samples. Ten specimens were fabricated with each material and for each size, in a total of 40 specimens.

To do this, we use the Functional Principal Component Analysis.