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The letter was subtitled “Homosexualitatis problema”. In it, and to the surprise of many Catholics, Ratzinger said that Homosexual acts are sinful. “Homosexualitatis Problema” concludes with two wonderful verses from Scripture : “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (Jn. One of the nastier tricks of Vatican rhetoric, especially as displayed in “ Homosexualitatis Problema”, is the uneven manner in which (approved).

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Te Deum on Dec. For those who do not possess it, compulsory celibacy is simply oppressive:. Your email address will not be published. There is an important distinction between “faith”, which refers to belief and a relationship with the divine, and “religion”, which refers primarily to the human structures which support it, with their rules, rituals, and clerical castes.

Would they protect homosexual acts, public or private? Mary, Theotokos, Mother of God 14 hours ago. Finding libraries that hold this item To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Si ad Ecclesiae magisterium non attenditur, impedimentum obicitur ne viri ac mulieres homosexuales eam curationem recipiant, qua indigent et ad quam recipiendam ius habent. Homosexual persons, as human persons, have the same rights as all persons including the right of not being treated in a manner which offends their personal dignity cf.

Homosexualitatis Problema | Queering the Church

Ruprecht makes an important point: It is in this spirit that we have addressed this Letter to the Bishops of the Church, with the hope that it will be of some help as they care for those whose suffering can only be intensified by error and lightened by truth. The Mis measure of Man 6 months ago.


Ceteroquin ipse mundus in quo Novum Testamentum ortum habuit, multum iam mutatus erat, exempli causa, spectatis condicionibus in quibus Scripta Sacra populi Hebraici exarata vel redacta sunt.

June 23, — Terence Our stories, in their simple unadulterated truth, offer the best defence we have against the lies that are the fragile foundation of formal Vatican teaching on same sex relationships.


Romae, ex Aedibus Congregationis pro Doctrina Fidei, die 1 o octobris But the proper reaction to crimes committed proble,a homosexual persons should not be to claim that the homosexual condition is not disordered. Some few, especially some of the priests, have successfully accepted the charism of celibacy.

There are others which are less extreme, but are also misleading: September 14, — Terence Once hokosexualitatis, two opinion polls for ITV, and for the BBC have demonstrated what we all know, but pay insufficient attention to: Ratzinger asserted that, while Christians rightly oppose any violence against homosexual persons, it is wrong to then claim that the homosexual orientation is good or neutral:.

Instead of the original harmony between Creator and creatures, the acute distortion of idolatry has led to all kinds of moral excess. Huiusmodi catechetica institutio illis etiam familiis auxilium afferet, quae inter sua membra personas homosexuales complectuntur, ut problema, quod tam penitus honosexualitatis angit, apte aggredi valeant. Scripturarum interpretatio, ut recte fieri possit, cum hac Traditione reapse congruere debet.

Authenticity of the remains of St. Posted by plinthos at Natale dietro le sbarre in Cina, per i martiri della libera stampa 2 days ago. Without homosecualitatis charism, the requirement is no longer life-enhancing, but rather death-dealing. Pastorale programma himosexualitatis nominis auxilium praebebit personis homosexualibus in omnibus gradibus ipsarum vitae spiritualis in praebendis sacramentis, ac nominatim frequenti ac sincera Confessione, itemque per precationem, vitae testimonium, consilium atque attentionem singulis praestitam.


What, then, are homosexual persons to do who seek to follow the Lord?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The movement within the Church, which takes the form of pressure groups of various names and sizes, attempts to give the impression that it represents all homosexual persons who are Catholics.

Qui igitur homosexuali modo se gerit, contra regulam morum operatur. But note the slippery rhetorical style: Philipp Neri – Nachrichten.

Excluded From God’s People: The Problem with “Homosexualitatis Problema”

Haec Congregatio, tales explicationes et directorias pastorales normas Episcopis praebens, exoptat eorum nisus adiuvare eo spectantes, ut doctrina Domini eiusque Ecclesiae de hoc tam gravi argumento ad universos christifideles integre transmittatur. Over verses carry admonitions against heterosexual behavior. Ipsi hoc munus singulari modo absolvunt, cum una cum Deo ad vitam transmittendam cooperantur per mutuam donationem coniugalem.

This does not mean that homosexual persons are not often generous homosexualitatls giving of themselves; but when they engage in homosexual activity they confirm within themselves a disordered sexual inclination which is essentially self-indulgent.

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