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Many pianists already have trouble performing Chopin’s 24 Études with ease. Godowsky probably didn’t think they were difficult enough and used Chopin’s. Few, however, went anything like as far as Leopold Godowsky () whose 53 Studies on the Études of Chopin have received a fair amount of bad press. Leopold Godowsky, Frederic Chopin, Marc-Andre Hamelin – Godowsky: Complete Studies on Chopin’s Etudes – Music.

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And who else could do so with such consummate artistry?

Hyperion Records

Leopold Godowsky’s preface states his studies ” Hopefully, receptive listeners new to the Godowsky experience will welcome the kind of prismatic effect he achieved secure in the knowledge etudez it is produced by a friendly hand.

In the more complicated variations, among the mass of notes, Schubert’s simple theme can almost always be found and should clearly be heard amidst the whirlwind of sound as a result of the decorative writing. I suppose this music is not for everybody; there will undoubtedly be those whose first, second and indeed last reaction will be “sacrilege!

CD Review Leopold Godowsky.


Doesn’t look too hard after all, does it? It is worth quoting at length: Some recast Chopin’s right-hand passagework for the left hand while introducing new contrapuntal ideas; some treat the originals more freely, inverting, imitating or combining two Etudes; others are character pieces or variations based on Chopin’s originals; and twenty-two of the Studies are for the left hand alone.

If you are indifferent or worse, offendedetudrs this music is not for you. Imagine slogging to learn and perfect this Study, only to appear doing nothing very much to an audience while performing it!

Studies after Frederic Chopin (Godowsky, Leopold)

In addition to the Opp. Despite their formidable reputation, many of them are serene in character, hardly godowsoy exploiting the forceful, percussive side of piano writing. However, such writing could only have been achieved by a pianist who had an intimate knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of the instrument and piano technique. Mindestens ein Pianist bzw.


Studies on Chopin’s Études – Wikipedia

Some composers wrote left-hand concertos for Paul Wittgenstein, including Prokofiev, Britten, Korngold and Ravel Wittgenstein didn’t gododsky most of them and struggled with those he did. Yet, despite their difficulties, it is not flashy or showy music.

This was republished with nine others in by Schirmer:. March Total duration: The prospective pianist is confronted with unexpected levels of difficulty, mostly concerned etudrs mental challenges seldom if ever encountered anywhere else in the repertoire, requiring unflinching concentration and true dedication in order that all details are clearly presented and articulated.

And secondly, the Studies for the left hand alone, which number twenty-two and which can truly be said to have revolutionalized piano-writing for a single hand.

Another reason why the left hand is more susceptible to gocowsky than the right hand is that it is more elastic owing to its being much less employed in daily use in general than the right hand.

The variety of contrapuntal and polyrhythmic devices Godowsky used is tremendous and it would probably take a book to discuss the Passacaglia in detail. Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads in a number of formats. A simple experiment, though, will suffice: I don’t recall ever even seeing his recording. Hodowsky may wonder why Chopin himself did not do it.

This is the third complete set to appear godowsjy record. They also illustrate his ingenuity in writing eudes for the piano. Carlo Grante’s set on Altarus what I’ve heard of it is very good, and perhaps slightly better recorded than Hamelin’s, but comes on three rather than two discs, and is also harder to find.

Eetudes any other composer ever produced works of such a revolutionary nature for the piano at such an early age? Das wurde auf zweierlei Art erreicht: The limited number of compositions which have been written for the left hand alone show a desire on the part of their composers to mostly develop the left hand in the direction of mere virtuosity.


As Abram Chasins, a composer and pianist, recounted in his book Speaking of Pianistshe once watched Godowsky play a very difficult work. Those of us who enjoy older recordings, originally on 78s, are well aware that ultimate fidelity to the text was not always considered a necessary attribute of great playing.

An even more amazing Study is No. Der amerikanische Kritiker James Huneker, der einige der ersten Studien in Godowskh zu sehen bekam, erteilte anderen den weisen Rat, sich nicht zu fragen, ob Godowsky Chopin Ehrfurcht erwiesen habe. His compositions are often only explored by pianists who are interested in the exotic repertoire of the piano literature.

Obviously a number of the originals feature more than once and one, Op. Essential for those who love Chopin and the art of playing the piano.

Godowsky published 53 studies, although there are 54 recorded here there are two versions of the third study based on Op.

These are fantastic exercises that push piano technique to heights undreamed of even by Liszt. Many of the studies are fairly straight transcriptions, particularly the left hand ones, but most of them either add extra subjects in counterpoint, transpose the function of the hands in the original – as in the first of all, a majestic reworking of Op.

Any one of these Studies may, for example, pit together two or even three strands of counterpoint, each with its own personality and demanding to be clearly differentiated. This was the first significant body of left-hand piano music and Ravel studied it extensively while composing his Concerto.