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Dialog in the BusinessPhone Communication Platform from . Dialog Professional and the Dialog Executive. In this Ericsson Enterprise AB. View and Download Ericsson Dialog user manual online. System telephone for MD, release BC7-BC Dialog IP Phone pdf manual download. View and Download Ericsson Dialog user manual online. Dialog Telephone pdf manual download.

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The information in this document is subject to alteration without prior notice. Ericsson makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Please consult your system administrator if you need further information.

Dialog is a system telephone, i. Function can be removed or moved to other programmable function key by system administrator. Can always be pressed instead of replacing the handset. Optional key panel With 17 dual-function programmable keys. One or two panels can be connected. Handset Supplied with hearing aid function as standard. Optional pull-out leaf for easy guide See inside of the back cover.

You can answer a call to a phone in another room: Call the ringing extension The display image might differ from the above. You can also press: The second call is put on hold. You are connected to the first caller. Press to terminate the connected call Note: If the calling party has activated Call waiting, you can receive a second call even if Free on 2nd access is not activated. You are connected via the loudspeaker and microphone. Press to terminate a handsfree call Note: You can make your calls faster by using common abbreviated numbers and by using your own programmed abbreviated numbers.

Any previously saved number is erased. To save an external number: Press before you finish the call Redial Note: Function key pre-programmed by system administrator. Redial number Lift the handset Press to redial the number Redial Note: The key lamp flashes for the call put on hold. Access 1 Press to put second party on hold First party is connected. Inquiry Press to put first party on hold Second party is connected. Press to terminate the connected call Dialog Press to establish a conference Note: CONF see display or Conference function key pre-programmed by you.

Repeat the procedure to add more conference members.

Replace the handset to leave the conference Dialog Press the line key To resume the call on another extension: Call the extension where the call was put on hold Press Note: DTMF signals, you need to activate the function during the call. During an ongoing call: You can also press ETE see display. Lift the handset when you are called back The system calls the extension.

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Callbacks can be activated on several extensions at the same time. Callbacks from additional lines will recall on the Access 1 line. Cancel any single Callback Press and dial extension number Note: To cancel a single Callback on a specific external line, dial the digit or digits to get a line instead of the extension number.

A three party call is established and a warning tone is heard. The Intrusion function might be blocked for use on your extension programmed by system administrator. If Intrusion is not allowed you will continue to receive a busy tone. If Intrusion is not allowed you will continue to receive busy tone.

You can also use the procedure below.

Diversion when there is no answer Press to order The incoming call is diverted after 3 signals. Press Press to cancel Press Dialog Press and dial the answering position number Press Cancel from your own extension Diversion Press Note: Press Press Dialog Press to redirect Calls are diverted to the answering position.

Internal follow-me must be ordered from your own extension before you can redirect from answering position.

Cancel from answering position Press and dial your own extension number Press Dialog Press and dial the extension number Press and wait for answer Dialog If the operator is included in the activated profile as an answering position, always inform the operator if you are absent.

Ericsson Dialog 3213 Phone

Use the Absence information function or call the operator. If Voice Mail is dialogg in the activated profile, always update your greeting with absence information. The program key lamp turns on and all other lamps turn off. The number that dialot message waiting is shown in the display.

The display shows the identity of the computer and the num- ber of messages stored for you. If you find that the notification of message waiting is intrusi- ve or you want to shut off the notification: If you are asked to enter your security code: Press Enter the mailbox number normally the office extension number of the person served If you are asked to enter security code: Enter the security code of the person served continued Dialog Leave the old greeting unchanged Re-record the greeting Store the greeting Leave the old greeting unchanged Enter a new code, digits Security code Repeat the new code Diaog digits are allowed, 3123 star!

Press and enter the date or time of your return Note: If no return time or date is needed, this step can be excluded. Press The display shows the reason, and if entered, time or date of return.


Cancel Press Press The programmed information is erased.

Ericsson Dialog Phone

Cancel for another extension Press Dial the extension number and press Note: If the special dial tone is received, the authorization code for the other extension is required. Add the code and press before pres- sing C. The display only shows the last 20 characters in a number. If there is additional information in the doalog for the name being displayed, this is shown under the name.

The display will inform if no name matches your search and show the name alphabetically preceding the entered one. Verify and erase programmed number Program Press Press the selected function key The stored number is shown on the display. Press if you want to erase the stored number The stored number is erased. Program Press Dialog Timer can be activated when your telephone is idle, ready for dialling, during an outgoing call or when in speech ericssn. Other functions These functions are also available, during timer mode: You can also press PICK see display.

Press the line key to put the ongoing call on hold Press Enter account code and press Dial tone.

Access Press the line key for the call put on hold Dialog Activated on a function key Automatic answer Press to order or cancel Note: The incoming call is signalled with a tone burst. When the key lamp is lit you can use this function. Erkcsson your operator for the external line numbers. To order flexible night service Press and dial the digit or digits to get a line Press and dial external line number Press Cancel Press and dial your own extension number Press Dialog An extension can be programmed by system administrator as an alarm extension.

A call to an alarm extension obtains auto- matic intrusion if the extension is busy. Up to seven calling parties may be connected at the same time.

Your incoming calls can be answered on any of these telephones by just pressing your egicsson key. In idle state this key can be assigned to call your number by just pressing the key. Contact your system administrator if you require this function.

All calls can be handled via the headset. Answer calls Press the flashing line key to answer Press to terminate a headset call continued Dialog