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Houellebecq’s controversial novel, which caused an uproar in France last year, finally reaches our shores. Whether it will make similar waves here remains to be . An international literary phenomenon, The Elementary Particles is a frighteningly original novel–part Marguerite Duras and part Bret Easton Ellis-that. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Elementary Particles / Atomised by Michel Houellebecq.

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Its final sentence jouellebecq a straight up dedication to humankind, despite its many detailed failures and sufferings and defects, and despite the claim that a new and improved species must take its place.

The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq | Book Around The Corner

If you want genuine existential disorientation, read Sartre. Michael moves to Ireland and learns that, despite his doubts, his old research on elementaty was a revolutionary breakthrough. All of these experiences that could conceivably last one blissful, insatiable sitting the novels that are not considered novellas, that is — this is one of ’em. Bruno is as pathetic as John Self and has the same flaws.

Bruno only reaches some measure of happiness in life by means of a woman who shows him how to accept and respect his body and sexual needs without judgment, by introducing him to communities in which the sex act is honored.

A lot of people view it as a depressing, hate-filled rant, filled with a really startling amount of unpleasant sex.

The Elementary Particles

Comments 19 Trackbacks 2 Leave a comment Trackback. Bruno faces his budding sexuality with emotionlessness and crassness whereas Michel seems impervious to any female attention, even from the most beautiful girl at school.

Houellebecq could write a strong novel, if he would allow himself to write the excoriating racist screeds that he attributes to one of his two principal characters.


Houellebecq is relentless in his attack — until, that is, the bizarre, uplifting? In contrast to Bruno is his half-brother Michel, who is more introverted and interested in the fields of science rather than the fields of flesh.

Atomised – Michel Houellebecq | Tongues of Speculation

Bruno was raised by his motherly grand-mother, first inAlgeria and then in France near Paris. His hatred with modern society is pretty blindly applied. What an incredible book. Elemwntary to Book Page. View all 6 comments. One does not want to examine his ideas houellebwcq race too deeply, just yet.

All houelebecq aside I certainly never want to look at everything from such an intellectual perspective that all the juice is sucked out of my life. The ending surprised me and was well brought up. To his surprise, he meets his childhood friend Annabelle there and finds that she is still single and they start a sexual relationship.

Much of the novel shows how horrible and empty modern life is. I was holding a solid four star rating elementarj this in my head until the final leg of the journey, around Section Three and the Epilogue. He spends his days in a constant agony of unfulfilled desire. The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq.

Works by Michel Houellebecq. Each is ultimately offered a final chance at genuine love, and what unfolds is a brilliantly caustic and unpredictable tale.

Hate hate hate hate hate. Not many novels can do that.

As offensive as parts of it are yes, yes, I’m supposed to be offended, and I can see the ambiguity about whether the misogyny and racism expressed is the narrator’s or the protagonist’s – all very dull and adolescent, like a stand-up being ironically racist and sexistit’s mostly just DULL. When he comes across Annabelle—the same girl elementwry loved him with reciprocation—he begins to see his own faults; thus, they pursue something like a relationship.

It won him the Prix Goncourt. Some of his colleagues a lot younger than him, had already started their wine cellar. In this space of which they are so afraid, human beings learn how to live and to die; in their mental space, separation, distance and suffering are born.


The Architecture of Particlss Alain de Botton. After a few years as a worker, sexual desire vanishes; people concentrate on gastronomy and wines. Where Michel turns to science, Bruno is a would-be poet and writer achieving very limited success. Houellebecq’s conclusions are based on some interesting science, but they are not ideally presented.

And this malaise stayed with me till the end of particle novel. He voluntarily checks himself into a mental institution after having sexually harassed one of his students. This book is about two half brothers with a terrible mom, and tries to describe and comment on massive transformations in human life and experience. Articles containing German-language text.

So far, I’m as close to tossing this book away unfinished as I have ever been. They lived apart most of their lives and only began to know each other when they unknowingly attended the same school. Particlse 18, Paul Bryant rated it liked it Shelves: At a bar, had another friend read a hilarious destruction of Brazil’s allure when someone nearby ranted about Brazil’s awesomeness.

The author hluellebecq eventually awarded the Prix Novembre in recognition of the novel.

I don’t want to be the guy poking a stick at my own life through the bars of a cage. Good, evil, morality, fine sentiments? And I’ll call them super-men!!! In a Brigade Mondaine novel, this would just be pornographic.

La fille poursuivait la lecture de son magazine. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.