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CubicExplorer, free and safe download. CubicExplorer latest version: File explorer using tabbed windows. View full description. CubicExplorer. Apart from the file browser and tree view, CubicExplorer provides fast access to bookmarks, quickview mode (for file content), filters, and stack. Whenever you want to quick look at an image, text file, pdf, media file, or anything other file type it supports, you simply select the image and press the spacebar.

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Changes are easily made with drop down menus as shown in the screenshot below or by changing the values in the field selected.

All in all, the interface is very clear and appealing, the toolbars are nice and intuitive and vew cluttering the view space.

Manage Your Files Easily with CubicExplorer

Powerful file manager to replace Windows Explorer. After a long break the author has resumed work on Cubic Explorer. Left click on the button that you want to add and holding down on the mouse button drag it to the position you want on your toolbar. Jan 31st, Freeware. Check selection now changes focus. There are no less than 5 ways to copy a file or folder path to the clipboard, for instance; there’s an option to create symbolic links for files; and the program provides support for themes, transparency, and many different configuration settings, all of which can be saved as a working session for easy reuse later.

And browsing the menus reveals plenty of interesting extras. The Quickview pane lets you see the selected images without any need for opening them in a image viewer, similar to the image preview feature of Windows 7 Explorer. I have made CE my standard file manager, I haven’t missed Windows Explorer for a second, and it just seems to get better, fast!! My fave of the lot.

Install now the new Firefox. Saves you a lot of time!! Not only is it a basic tool, but also not so user-friendly, requiring many clicks and views before getting to the desired file or directory. CubicExplorer – The best File Browser out there!!. You can create multiple tabs, each showing the contents of a folder.


Updated Chinese Simplified translation. Browsing files and folders is a very often done task in Windows. Just tap the call button in groups or select “New group call” when starting a new call in the calls tab.

You can add your favourite folders to categories of bookmarks in a seperate window, so that you cubicexplorerr get to your favorite folders fast.

CubicExplorer File explorer using tabbed windows. Advanced users may perform further tweaks concerning the Undo item count and day limit, word wrapping mode, maximum tab size, and others. BExplorer Better Explorer 2. CubicExplorer is a file manager that supports multiple tabs and implements a handy set of features for adminitering files easier than using the regular Windows Explorer.

CubicExplorer was reviewed by Elena Opris. Popular Searches Software Tags 7-zip acronis adobe auslogics avg avg free bonjour browser cyberlink desktop maestro driver firefox iphone iphone transfer itunes kaspersky keywords mechanic media player classic mozilla music norton opera paint paragon partition pc tools pdf peazip process process cublcexplorer registry screenshot skype spyware doctor task uniblue updatescanner voip xmarks.

It is possible to perform a file search with masks and other filters e.

Explore your Windows PC easily with Free CubicExplorer

To open, close and switch betwwen tabs is extremely easy and convenient. I’ve been using it for months. Fixed jumping vieq when dbl clicking on SingleClickBrowse mode. The tabbed interface, bookmarks, and ability to save sessions makes navigating folders easy and simple.

In our example installation, the auto-select feature would not deactivate when accessed in the Advanced Section of the Options Window appears to be a bug of some sort at the moment. The program comes with just a few skins.

Installation of CubicExplorer is quick and straightforward with only four windows from start to finish. Only English and Finnish so far, but the author has released the language files and several users have volunteered to translate the program. Even if your phone is turned off, WhatsApp will save your messages and display them as soon as you’re back online.



WinRAR The king of compressed files. The search function is fast, but more limited than in W. At first glance the program looks very similar to Explorer, so you’ll feel at home right away.

It is so easy to make CubicExplorer fit your needs. In spite of the panegyrical review, cubicexplofer writer is not in any way affiliated with the author of CE! Also CubicExplorer does not edit Windows registry. Read carefully, because this is one of the main reasons why you should use this program. Cubicexplorr is a customizable Explorer replacement that supports bookmarks, themes, and multiple tabs. You can also view hidden files and extensions, change the UI theme, language and transparency level, make the frame stay on top of other windows, save and manage sessions, map network drives, and so on.

Due to it’s functions, though, you’ll still save time using this compared to Windows Explorer!!

Click to load comments. Sorry for the typo. An example of what CubicExplorer can look like with just a little bit of customization and multiple tabs showing. You can talk one-to-one or in group chats, and because you’re always logged in there’s no way to miss messages.

Newsletter signup Enter your email address: Drag and drop any icons that you want to be added to the toolbars. CubicExplorer gives a left hand panel with tabs for Quickview, Filters and Bookmarks. Set as default Explorer program via Options – General “Register” and then “Unregister” before program close.