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Athanasius Kircher, S.J. was a German Jesuit scholar and polymath who published around 40 .. The Musurgia Universalis () sets out Kircher’s views on music: he believed that the harmony of music reflected the proportions of the. Musurgia universalis sive ars magna consoni et dissoni in. X. libros digesta. Romae: Ex typographia Haeredum Francisci. Corbelletti, Kircher, Athanasius. German born, Jesuit trained, Athanasius Kircher () survived the varied contemporary musical standing was his Musurgia universalis sire ars magna.

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The Musurgia Universalis sets out Kircher’s views on music: This large, two volume set was printed in copies by the Heirs of Francesco Corbelletti and Lodovico Grignani and copies were given to a large group of visiting Jesuits in who came to Rome from all over the world to elect a new Superior General. Anatomy meets polyphony, perhaps? Kircher then broke with Horapollon’s interpretation of the language of the hieroglyphs with his Lingua aegyptiaca restituta. Infor example, more than Jesuits came to Rome from all over the world to elect a new Superior General: By the middle of the 17 th century the Jesuit missions had spread as far abroad as China, the Americas and Japan, and Kircher regularly communicated with these missions to add to his knowledge of the subject he was writing on.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Athanasius Kircher Correspondence Projectbetween the Universities of Stanford and Milan, shows us something of the quality and variety of Kircher’s eight hundred-plus regular correspondents: This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat InKircher discovered the ruins of a church said to have been constructed by Constantine on the site of Saint Eustace ‘s vision afhanasius Jesus Christ in a stag’s horns.

Music or Animal Abuse? Hi Julia, Thank you for the lovely comment. Athanasius Kircher in Bibliodissey. Its author lived and worked at the Collegio Romano in Rome for most of his life and his position at the hub of a huge international organisation – the 40, or so strong Society of Jesus – had two very important effects: Post athanasiks not sent – check your email addresses!


Kircher has been compared to fellow Jesuit Roger Boscovich and to Leonardo da Vinci for his enormous range of interests, and has been honored with the title “Master of a Hundred Arts”. In his Polygraphia novaKircher proposed univedsalis artificial universal language. Notify me of new posts via email.

The work drew heavily on the reports of Jesuits working in China, in particular Michael Boym [21] and Martino Martini. In Musurgia UniversalisKircher applies his scientific method to almost every aspect of music and noise.

On the intervention of Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peirescthe order klrcher rescinded, and he was sent instead to Rome to continue with his scholarly work, but he had already embarked for Vienna.

His importance was twofold: His near exact contemporary, the English philosopher-physician, Sir Thomas Browne —82 collected his books avidly while his eldest son Edward Browne in visited the Jesuit priest resident at Rome. An Outline of the Development of the Evolution Idea.

From a humanistic as well as an intellectual point of view Egyptology may very well be proud of having Kircher as its founder. The conclusion was correct, although it is likely that what he saw were in mushrgia red or white blood cells and not the plague agent, Yersinia pestis.

BibliOdyssey: Musurgia Universalis

The Marvellous sound world of 17th century”. In the late 20th century, however, the aesthetic qualities of his work again began to be appreciated. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Kircher also displayed a keen interest in technology and mechanical inventions; inventions attributed to him include a magnetic clock, various automatons and the first megaphone.

Athanasius Kircher

The youngest of nine children, Kircher studied volcanoes owing to his passion for rocks and eruptions. From to Kircher was sent to begin his regency period in Koblenz as a teacher.

A fine Guidonian hand there, not to mention those excellent lutes and viols. He ascribed large bones to giant races of humans. He was uuniversalis intrigued by the subterranean rumbling which he heard at the Strait of Messina.


Perhaps most strangely of all, apart from a nineteenth century translation of the work into German, there are no translations of the book, which is written in rather ponderous Latin with occasional excursions into Greek and Hebrew. Wholly concur — wonderfully informative series.

Some of the musical scores printed in the book are found in no other form, despite the fame of some of the composers. His syncretic approach disregarded the boundaries between disciplines which are now conventional: Kircher’s model disproved the hypothesis, showing that the motion could be produced by a water clock in the base of the device. Rameau and Beethoven mjsurgia well have been influenced by this picture which still appears in musical textbooks used in the United Kingdom for year-olds.

Kircher Musurgia Universalis

Perhaps Kircher’s best-known work today is his Oedipus Aegyptiacus —54a vast study of Egyptology and comparative religion. The book is one of the seminal works of musicology and was hugely influential athannasius the development of Western music – in particular on J.

Athanasius KircherS. From his birthplace he took the epithets Bucho, Buchonius and Fuldensis which he univeraalis added to his name. Specula Melitensis encyclica, hoc est syntagma novum instrumentorum physico- mathematicorum. He also advocated the theory of spontaneous generation. His books, written in Latinwere widely circulated in the 17th century, and they contributed to the dissemination of scientific information to a broader circle of readers.

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