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XE. XZE. XE. XZE. Industrial Label Printer | X-Series. dpi. dpi. Trusted Dependability, Quality Assured. Getting Started. Congratulations on choosing the Argox Xellent Series (X-Series) Enter Printer name (i.e. Argox X PPLB) and select “do not share this. ARGOX X is ideal for applications that require small labels or textile media. Provides greater productivity.

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The printer will then feed the labels through the cutter automatically.

Figure 1 1 2. When the right side of the label exhibits inferior argx quality, as shown in Fig. Programmable by command Data format: The heavy duty is capable of 5ips print speed using its bit RISC microprocessor. Printer Programming Language A, Ppla Making a Keyboard Form 1.

ARGOX X Label Printer

To enable Cutter function, set by the LCD panel 30 Adjust Position of Label Sensor Function of the label sensor is to detect the gap, notch, or holes of labels, to adgox the printer for accurate print positions and label length.

It is intended solely for the information and use of parties operating and maintaining the equipment described herein. Printer performs Auto Calibration after printing the first label, if label height differs from parameters in printer’s flash.


Adjust Position Of Label Sensor For pin-out information, please refer to the Technical Reference in this manual. Refer to the following examples. Need to reboot the system.

Input the label count and copy count. Roll-feed, die cut, continuous, fan-fold, tags, ticket in thermal paper or plain paper and fabric label. The screens included for these steps are taken from Windows XP; steps in other versions of operation systems are similar.

Do not touch print head surface by bare hands or with any hard equipment. Select the port of the printer and click “Next”. Press the FEED button for the next language. For the XVL, ignore this step. When using Ethernet model printer, please wait till the Ready Indicator to stop blinking, before starting printer operations. If the problem persists, replace the print head.

Argox X | RBS Ltd

Close the top access door and turn on the printer or press arhox FEED button if the printer is already on. Normally the procedure for loading the media through the cutter is: Do not wipe back and forth, to avoid dust or dirt on cleaning cotton would be attached onto print head again. Guillotine Cutter With Paper Jam Do not operate the printer in an area where it might get wet. Unpacking After receiving your printer, please check for possible shipping damage: Internal character sets standard 5 alpha-numeric fonts with height from 0.


For labels with gaps, label sensor can z-3200 positioned wherever media locates.

Argox X-3200

Ribbon Tension Adjustment The following installation steps are based on X as an example. The printer feeds inches of blank labels.

Rotate the control knob clockwise to increase ribbon tension; rotate it counter-clockwise to reduce ribbon tension. RS, parallel, and USB interfaces allow easy plug-and-play integration with your x–3200 system.

Ethernet Module Status Indicators Figure 1 1 Backing Paper 24 2.

ARGOX X-3200

If problem continues perform a label sensor calibration. Be cautioned that this will reset all printer settings back to defaults; if possible, print the configuration label in advance before reset. If the ribbon is wrinkled at ribbon pickup, rotate counter-clockwise control knob of ribbon pickup, to decrease ribbon tension at ribbon pickup and further improve ribbon wrinkle.