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Ansoft Maxwell, Simplorer, RMxprt and Optimetrics and any and all ANSYS, Inc. brand, product, service and Converting Older Maxwell Projects (pre-Maxwell v11) to Maxwell v15 Change File type to Tab Delimited data file. 3. Locate the Note: This tutorial shows how to setup a stranded conductor using Transient. Results 23 – DIgSILENT PF tutorial. Deutch text General Purpose Keyboard Shortcuts for Maxwell Archive File Types ANSYS, ANSYS Workbench, Ansoft, AUTODYN, EKM, Engineering Knowledge Manager, CFX. Maxwell 2D only computes the electric and magnetic fields at the nodes . Optionally, select Use Control Program and define the user control program to.

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Version 6 of Netscape is an entirely different program than the older Netscape 4, providing a much different interface, as well as tuhorial modern features such as Instant Messaging.

Ansoft Maxwell – eBook and Manual Free download

To use the tool, run the command: October 31, The latest version of the player filethpe internet audio and video content has been installed.

The manual is available on-line at: This package includes a program called “ks” which can read images off a Digita enabled Digital Camera. More details can be found at: More information can be found in: Screen is useful for users who log into a machine via a terminal connection say, a modembut want to run more than fildtype one session.

Try it with the command: The PDL module gives standard perl the ability to store and manipulate large N-dimensional data sets for scientific computing.

License trouble: ANSLIC_ADMIN, FLEXlm not running, but two lmgrd processes running!

The Grace plotting tool has been installed. R is an integrated suite of software facilities for data manipulation, calculation and graphical display. There are man pages for each of these programs.


This tool is used for the preparation and submission of proposals to use the JCMT. Kubuntu uses dash breaks All scripts in tutorials. PATH ; setup non-standard system variables for astro library astrolib The following must be defined in your startup file e. This is to bring it in line with the software that we are running on Linux, and to fix some bugs tuhorial introduced when we upgraded solaris to ssh.

There is on-line help available, maxwe,l a “New User’s Tour”, under the “Help” menu in the X Windows version of the program.

For more details on this software, see: The JPL library and data sets provide high-accuracy predictions for the positions and velocities of the Sun and planets.

PIT is a Java-based tool for the preparation and submission of proposals for time filehype the Gemini telescopes. All users of ‘textedit’ are encouraged to try ‘xemacs’.

Simulation of Auxiliary Drives in Motor Vehicles. More information, including a web form of the software, can be found at: The “Pretty Good Privacy” program has been installed. We have installed the wxWidgets toolkit on the bit Linux machines. This package is most useful for researchers who are occasional but serious software coders.

More information is available from their website: Adobe FrameMaker has been upgraded to version 6. The SWarp software has been upgraded to version 2.

Caltech Astronomy

The following Perl modules have been installed: The Sonnet software has been upgraded on the Solaris and Linux machines bit dna bit. We have 3 floating licenses for this product. Documentation can be found in the manual page: This is a graphical front end to the ‘cdrecord’ utilities, making it much easier to collate files and CD tracks for burning on to a CD-RW. The Tutodial program, a part anosft the HEAsoft package for maxwelk analysis of X-ray specta, has been patched to the latest version.


There is an extensive “Help” menu. For more information, use the ‘info’ command: The ‘xfig’ drawing program has been upgraded. The Funtools library provides simplified access to FITS images and binary tables, as well as to raw array and binary event lists.

Ansoft maxwell rmxprt

To enable this, add the following line to your. It has facilities for painting color, drawing lines, adding text, etc. There is extensive on-line help through the “Help” menu, and help files in PDF form at: More information can be found on the website: However, still not succeeded.

The ‘xpaint’ fipetype utility has been installed.

Originally Posted by bharatesh. Illustrator is an advanced drawing program for creating publication-quality graphics. This upgrade mostly fixes performance bugs which cause clamav-milter to hog CPU on solaris. The Numeric Python extensions NumPy is a set of extensions to the Python programming language which allows Python programmers to efficiently manipulate large sets aneoft objects organized in grid-like fashion. This maxwelll has some modified scattering code included.

To use yoda, add this to your PATH: Consult the HEAsoft web pages for more information, user documentation, etc.: There is extensive documentation in: