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“The X is a big sampler old school machine with 12 bits resolution and tiny memory, the first Akai Keyboard Sampler ever made.”. Akai X Sampling Keyboard, Sound On Sound, Jan the owner’s manual simply launches into the business of user-sampling without explaining how. [EPUB] Akai X Manual Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Akai X

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If you don’t own any of this recent equipment then you don’t really need to worry about the extra modes. Their purpose primarily concerns the linking up of samples and MIDI channel numbers for use with sequencers, or MIDI pad triggering, and I’m afraid their individual applications would take me a month to figure out and even longer to explain. The regular Omnis and Mwnual 2 are, I trust, familiar to ya’ll. Akai S The “S” samplers legend started here!

Julian Colbeck sees where it fits in. I don’t particularly like the keyboard, which though velocity-sensitive is light-actioned, flimsy, and has been inserted leaving a damn great gap between it and the rest of the casing where dust and general rubbish is sure to accumulatebut so long as you’re careful, or alternatively MIDI it up to another keyboard, the workings of the instrument itself make the X a highly attractive proposition.

While zkai Japanese companies – relative newcomers to the world of sound sampling – are still on their first or second attempt, Akai are busy launching their third sampler coupled in fact to a fourth, the S module. Further down the scale, at around 8kHz, you’re still dealing with usable quality sounds and, with a sample length now of a few seconds, this seems to be the optimum area for day to day work.

Akai X7000 Manuals

But you can also programme’Good Morning. Are you a X user? Although the X is Akai’s first complete sampler – complete with built-in disk drive and keyboard that is – it strikes an interesting balance between their xx7000 sampling instruments, the ground-breaking S and the much acclaimed larger model, the S You can do more, sample alai, and of course get lost more.


Dressed in battleship grey, as are all Akai Professional items these days [must be a sign that they’re declaring war on the market – Ed]the X has clean lines and, with a healthy number of dedicated parameter buttons Start, Loop, End, LFO Speed etcwould seem to be easy to figure out.

Review by Julian Colbeck. Having made your sample, you are still at liberty to change the pitch and bandwidth before getting on with the business if desired of looping. Moreover, if you do, I guarantee the Akaj system of sampling will seem like a doddle. And so it is, eventuallybut at first I think many people, especially those unfamiliar with sampling altogether, will come unstuck since the opening chapter of the xkai manual simply launches into the business of user-sampling without explaining how to access and use the factory disks.

Akai is rapidly becoming the name to look out for if you’re in the market for a sampler. Other articles featuring gear in this article: But personally, having aka the auto-loop system on the X, I’d never look elsewhere.

First, however, you must select a sample you want to work on, which manaul entail a fair bit of prodding and twirling of the large master control knob which protrudes from below the display screen. The X is able to sample up to 6 sounds that can be assigned to a singles patch with assignable split points, useful to create drum kits or multisampled instruments.


The “S” samplers legend started here! If you value this resource, you can support this project – it really helps! CONS – edit interface – bulky – memory – quick disk. The X LFO modulates only the pitch as a classic vibrato. In a nutshell, the Ajai X is a versatile sampler.


Sound On Sound – Jan Please include your email address if you akaai to be contacted regarding akao note. Just when you thought you’d got the hang of the four basic MIDI modes, along come Akai with no less than nine modes to get bogged down in. For some reason Akai have placed the Record Level knob on the rear panel, just above the mic and line jack inputs.

One obvious similarity with the S is the fact that it uses 2. EGs only release segment and 2 destinations: Having fashioned your sample into something listenable you may want to fine tune some aspects: Mmanual cheap, and reasonably cheerful, this format is still somewhat labour-intensive since it entails a considerable amount of loading and re-loading and general faffing about in order to gain access to a number of different samples at a time.

Akai X7000 Operator’s Manual

Next article in this issue: Looping is the danger area of sampling and Akai have done very well here to make this akal as simple and straightforward as possible on the X Also featuring gear in this article.

Although the X screen displays the bandwidth it doesn’t show sample length, which would have been helpful.

The range of editing parameters is certainly not vast here, but it is sensibly curtailed. That said there are still limitations, most of which revolve around the limited storage space that 2. Even what I imagined to be unloopable-at-all samples whizzed back to me, smooth and uninterrupted.

Small Print Terms of use Privacy. Although not really complicated once you’ve memorised the procedures, the X will take a bit of time to learn. Such features are not new, but Akai have made them quick to obtain and easy to understand.