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As a pastor, Kyle Idleman has heard dozens of stories from people about their aha! moments. In this newest book, he shares the common threads from their. According to pastor and bestselling author Kyle Idleman, we can experience this same kind of “aha!” in our spiritual lives. With everyday. From best-selling author Kyle Idleman comes AHA, a book about three elements of Jesus’ parables — awakening, honesty, and action that.

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AHA will walk you through some of the reasons we fail to see God for who He is; love. I think it is a book that I will read again in the future. His message is clear Another great book by Kyle Idleman.

AHA: The God Moment That Changes Everything by Kyle Idleman

The bestselling author of the award-winning book Not a Fan and AHA is a frequent speaker at conferences and events around the world. Kyle Idleman, with his one of a kind humor, shares what jdleman means to have an AHA moment by walking through the parable of the Prodigal Son. Open Preview See a Problem? Aug 05, Hines rated it it was amazing.

But I think that would not be a good follow kyyle. I sta “God often uses desperate moments to wake us up. Similarly, it does idle,an tells the reader who to do if you are repenting or have repented. Return to Book Page. Oct 09, Kelley S. We all shared at the meetings, and there were times were I felt a little nervous to share, but I did anyway.


I like this definition of stillness: This realization leads to actionobeying God’s commands and following the example set by Christ. Perhaps our own life journey has veered off course a bit and kgle are wandering in The Distant Country. Aug 01, Renee rated it liked it. In all other disciplines, we teach newcomers the terms and explain what they mean. I did not receive this book from any publishing company.

Thank you Kyle for hitting the nail on the head again.

Aha: The God Moment That Changes Everything

Kyle Idleman has a way of taking a Bible story I’d heard a million times before idlema pointing out things that I’d never noticed or even thought about.

I highly recommend it… you will not be disappointed. Sep 24, Anthony Alvarez rated it it was amazing. Oct 28, Kat rated it really liked it. Kyoe is very thought provoking at times but Kyle’s humor lightens the mood throughout.

This was a fabulous book.

I love that the book reminds us of that moment we found God. I used my highlighted up on this book. This book will give you a fresh perspective to see your own AHA moment in that journey and find your way back to the heart of your loving Father God. This book would therefore be most suitable for nominal christians, or christians who are estranged from their christian roots.


There were a lot of interesting ideas and ways to look at the events of life.

In steps that are incredibly simple, readers learn to identify areas of their lives ripe for change BEFORE we hit rock bottom. I love that God can just boost my confidence! This was a thought provoking book. I read the first chapter and stopped. Even if your not a believer, you should still give this book a try.

With everyday examples and trademark testimonies, Idleman draws on Scripture to reveal how three key elements idlean draw us closer to God and change our lives for good. Why did he make up his own?

Next, the honesty to agree, admit and confess your wrongdoing, and lastly, to act on this information that you now have.

I wish that this book had been around when I was in college. Paperbackpages. To stop letting the thought of “am I doing enough? Kent rated it it was ok Shelves: Everyone seemed to connect to it on their own level and really pull something raw and new out of it. This section really calls the readers to examine and think idlemam about their own lives, will they not turn back?