5WG1 567-1AB22 PDF

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Switching actuator N /22, 16x AC V, 10 A, cos phi = 1,. with relay contact per output as switching element, rated operating voltage AC V, rated. 5WG1 AB Functional description. The switching actuator N /22 needs the application program “25 A16 binary, blinking before off C01”. There is. Product data sheet. 5WGAB Similar to image. N /22 SWITCHING ACTUATOR 16X AC V,. 10A. Technical data: Type of display / LED. Yes.

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Three-phase Digital energy meters with connection by CT. It receives the set commands via the KNX bus line from a room temperature controller. Can be used to synchronize with other KNX devices. Universal dimmer expansion New One output for the switching and dimming 5567-1ab22 resistive, inductive or capacitive loads Rated operational voltage: Ausschalten aller angeschlossenen Leuchten im Direktbetrieb – Aufteilung der max. The integrated clock of the LOGO!

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In-class training Online training Webinars. The parallel operation of several drives on one output requires the intermediate switching of a special isolating relay. IP 20, dimensions L x W x H: The power supply of the electronics is carried out via an integrated power 567-1ab22 unit for AC V. Sensor 87 x 36 x 27 mm, magnet 40 x 10 x 10 mm. Connecting mixed loads both inductive and capacitive loads, e.


The bus is connected via a bus terminal block. The function of 5wwg1 coupler is set to line or backbone coupler automatically when the physical address is set using the ETS. Frames, triple, 82 mm for horizontal and vertical mounting. X AC V, 16A. Power supply units, mA, additional unchoked output, DC 29V. Frames, quadruple, 82 mm for horizontal and vertical mounting.

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Please, contact us for customized KNX training worldwide groups of at least 8 people at training futurasmus-knxgroup. The comprehensive application program of the switching actuator main module controls both the main module outputs and the outputs of all connected sub-modules.

The universal dimmer insert sys and the respective frame must be ordered separately. If a sunblind 5wh1 to be operated from several points, then a number of pushbuttons can be connected in parallel to the corresponding inputs. Universal dimmer, main module, In addition, 4 AND-gates and 4 OR-gates are available with 4 inputs each for additional logical combinations.

It is 56-71ab22 by flashing of the corresponding green LED A to E on the top of the main module if more sub-modules are set than are actually connected or if the set sub-module type does not correspond with the sub-module type actually connected or if a sub-module is detected as faulty. The analog signals can be controlled to the limit or target values??


The communication modules allow communication between a LOGO! A sub-module cannot be operated stand-alone or be directly connected to the bus. 567-1ag22

Switch actuator 1x AC V, 16 A; 2x binary input, potential-free. Frames, 567-1ab222, 80 mm for horizontal 567-ab22 vertical mounting. These types of wall switches are available: Only one sun blind drive motor for mains voltage with electromechanical limit switches or with integrated electronics for final position disconnection may be connected to each of the four outputs of the.

ETS3-Patch has to be installed refer to column. N binary input device, 4 x V 5wgg1 with 4 inputs for V AC from different outer conductors L1, L2, L3 with shared reference potential Nwith a length of unshielded connecting cable per input of max. The colour depth is K R, G, B 6-bitcolours. Frames, double, 82 mm for horizontal and vertical mounting.

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