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View and Download Polaris RANGER owner’s manual online. RANGER Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: Ranger 6×6 , Ranger Related Manuals for Polaris Ranger RZR EFI. Utility Vehicle Polaris Ranger EV Owner’s Manual For Maintenance And Safety. (68 pages). View and Download Polaris Ranger HD owner’s manual online. Polaris Sales Utility Vehicle Polaris Ranger RZR EFI Manual. ( pages).

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Always travel straight uphill. Always inspect the vehicle before each use to make sure it’s in safe operating condition. Remove the steering wheel cap and retaining nut. Cupped Washers Screws Remove the propshaft from the vehicle. Loosen the hose clamp between the throttle body and intake Clamp shaft eyelet securely in vise, and place seal bullet PN – qt. Transmission Transmission Fluid ml Before assembly, clean the bolts and bolt Page of Go. Inspection, adjustment and lubrication of important components are explained in the periodic maintenance chart.


Headlight and taillight lenses become dirty during normal operation. Follow the battery charging instructions on page 96 before installing the battery. Don’t have an account?

Remove the 2 Torx screws and 2 push rivets that retain the front and rear portions of the dash assembly and remove the dash assembly from the vehicle. Wear a helmet, eye protection, gloves, long-sleeve shirt, long pants and over-the-ankle boots.

Using tap water in the cooling system will lead to a buildup of deposits which may restrict coolant flow and reduce heat dissipation, resulting in possible engine damage. Page The internal components of the drive clutch and driven clutch control engagement initial vehicle movementclutch upshift and backshift.

Square O-ring thick F. Transmission Transmission Fluid ml RH Hub Clutch Housing The fill plug is located on the side of the gearcase just below the polarris lever polqris crank. Do not use the shaft to press the assembly into the General Battery Information Readings of All segments including the fuel icon will flash. Always check the brake pedal travel and inspect the brake fluid reservoir ranfer before each operation.

If the oil filter is obstructed, a bypass valve contained in the filter allows oil to bypass the filter element.


Shift cable bracket installation is required.

Polaris Ranger 800 Manuals

Install the cover screws onto the rear gearcase. Add Polaris Premium Antifreeze to the radiator filler neck if the level goes down. Support the bottom of the bearing carrier housing.

The ground path for the fan motor is through the Brown harness wire. Slide the joint onto the drive shaft splines and align the Use a NEW spring pin in the front propshaft.

Owner’s Manuals | Polaris Off-Road Vehicles

Carefully lower the vehicle to the ground. Mark the piston with a white pen to a locating tab on ownesr end which fits into a notch B in the upper ensure proper orientation if reused during assembly. Remove the intermediate shaft seal using a seal puller or other suitable method.