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POLISITEMIA Yuleth Chigwedere. Makalah Polisitemia Vera Polisitemia Vera Klmpk 5 MAKALAH POLISITEMIA Polisitemia Vera Polisitemia Vera. corchorus is a good plant to grow very productive and not everyone sells it. LP cor. jjlnlll. Referat kor pulmonal. Descripción: tugas kuliah. Tugas Kor Pulmonal. PENJELASAN TENTANG ANEMIA DAN POLISITEMIA ANEMIAAnemia adalah defisiensi sel darah merah atau kekurangan hemoglobin.

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The usual symptoms of the Malaria disease are fever, sweating and high body temperature. The disease is transmitted in subtropical and tropical regions by biting of female mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles.

The disease is usually dangerous in the Africa and South America continents and usually the travelers are having big problems with Malaria. Malaria can be carried by people traveling in areas with high incidence of the disease. Furthermore, except contaminated with blood-transmitting and laboratory accidents, the transmission from person to person is possible only during the pregnancy from mother to child, if the placenta is damaged.

The Malaria can be caused by certain parasites of the genus Plasmodium. For the makxlah dangerous are only Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium ovale and Plasmodium malariae. They significantly differ in the maaklah of their geographical distribution and course of disease. Plasmodium falciparum is of utmost clinical importance and the most dangerous parasite from the whole genus. In dependence of the parasite causing the disease, there are four different forms of Malaria, which have different treatment and different symptoms: The source of infection is the sick man, from who the mosquito sucks blood, thus taking the mature forms of the parasite.

The parasites can growth into the mosquito or to be transferred to the bited person. After proceeding of some stages from the biological cycle in the salivary glands of mosquitoes locate sexless forms.

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When the mosquito bites a person, the parasites gone into the blood, which fall them in the live, where are proceeding the next stages of parasites growth. The liver cells are destroyed by them, and the parasites are going into the red blood cells. After makalahh incubation period occurs destruction of the infected blood cells and maialah of new ones.

This incubation period determines the length of the cycle of clinical manifestation. Another feature is that in the first two types of parasites, some of the parasitic forms remain in the liver, enforcing complicated with this therapeutic treatment.

In all the cases the disease is dangerous and the treatment should be carefully poliitemia by doctor. The Malaria can cause very dangerous consequences and mostly to the children. The Cerebral malaria, from which the children are most vulnerable, may cause neurological damage and impairment of cognition. Also the disease may recur months or years after the initial polisiteima because of the presence polisitfmia latent parasites in the liver.


This can cause serious problems in the future and many specialists and scientists call this chronic malaria, which is the main reason, that it can be concluded that the disease is completely cured when all the parasites disappear from the blood.

Definitely the cure of Malaria is serious and it should be done in the hospital makaah the permanent inspection of the Medical team. More About the malaria disease, Symptoms, Maoalah and Treatment, can be found here: The first Malaria symptoms are expressed in high body temperature, shivering, arthralgius pain in the jointsvomiting, anemia, hemoglobinurius, retinal destruction and convulsions. The incubation period of parasitism is average about days for the Three-day Malaria and the Tropical Malaria, while for the Four-day Malaria it can reach up to months.

But these periods are not law, as there are forms of the Three-day Malaria, caused by Plasmodium vivax which incubation period can reach 1 year The disease is similar to the standard types, but can cause neurological problems and complication.

Makalah Cor Pulmonal

Also a lot of kids get deterioration of cognition, which is quite serious issue for the patients. The cerebral malaria is caused by the plasmodium falciparum and has cerebral complications for the patient.

The basic cerebral malaria symptoms are fever, Seizures, Coma and Neurological symptoms. The polisutemia is connected with whitening of the whitening of the eye retina, which is good symptom to define malaria from other fever diseases.

Pengertian Clotting Time Dan Bleeding Time

The other symptoms of malaria and periodical sweating can also define the disease and allow for the patient to diagnose it Definitely in some case and types of the disease and if the treatment or the diagnosis is not correct, for the patient appear some unwanted and dangerous complications. The Malaria Complications are including the life-threatening coma, respiratory and renal failure, bleeding disorders polisotemia etc.

Definitely the wrong treatment of the disease can cause serious health problems in the future and even to cause some body organs dysfunction. The most dangerous Malaria Complications can be observed in infected patients with compromised immune system due to several reasons.

Also the pregnant women are also particularly contingent risk. Definitely the treatment of Malaria should be done carefully and to be followed the best practices of World Health Organization The Malaria Treatment is made with 4 amino quinolones, like Chloroquine, Arthrochin, applied in scheme in doses different for adults and children. The doses and the exact medicine for treatment is in dependence of the type of the diseases. Other medicines used for Malaria Treatment Pyrimethamine, sulfonamides and quite rarely antibiotics.


When the patient is resistant to the prescribed medicines, an option in the treatment is also the quinine. Also there are a lot of complex medicines just like Fansidar and others, which are successfully used in the therapy of Malaria Treatment They can show that you have some infection, but usually will not give any more information and details for the disease.

The symptoms of Malaria are not enough to determine exactly the disease, so when you have any doubts that you are infected with malaria, definitely should visit the hospital for medical tests.

The tests are usually the typical clinical research, and some laboratory tests including parasitological tests. The detailed information for stay in an endemic area for malaria and all the mentioned tests will help for the specialists to determine exactly the type and form of the disease and give exact Malaria diagnosis The Malaria virus has certain regions of growth — subtropics and tropics.

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Usually the virus is met in South America and Africa, where usually the mosquitoes are larger than a bird. Of course if you want to prevent yourself from Malaria, you can use some medicaments before traveling to an endemic area. The prevention from Malaria starts one week before traveling to such area. The first used medicament is Chloroquine mg consumed once for the week before traveling and 1 pill of Arthrochin mg every other day of the traveling in endemic area for Malaria virus and 1 pill weekly for one month after leaving the region However in spite of the way of infection, the Malaria can be divided in dependence of the illness symptoms and length.

The Cerebral Malaria is one of the most dangerous types of the virus. The children are more vulnerable to this type of Malaria and it may cause neurological damage and impairment of cognition.

Cerebral Malaria is also related to graying of the retina, which is a useful symptom to distinguish malaria from other fevers Mengenai Saya sulist rossifumi Lihat profil lengkapku. Pengertian Istilah oksidasi mengacu pada setiap perubahan kimia dimana terjadi kenaikan bilangan oksidasi, sedangka Eschericia coli Bakteri merupakan makhluk hidup yang terdapat dimana-mana udara, di tanah, dalam tubuh, dll.

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