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Results 1 – 30 of 32 Canasta de cuentos Mexicanos by Traven, B. and a great selection of related books, art and Seller: Casa del Libro A Specialty Boo. : Canasta de cuentos mexicanos: El servicio contrareembolso tiene un coste adicional de 3 euros. Descargar Canasta de Cuentos Mexicanos B. Traven libro online, En este libro el autor nos presenta historias creativas y humorĂ­sticas. Algunos cuentos.

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Canasta de cuentos mexicanos- Bruno Traven | #libroclaroscuro

Library and Archives Canada, n. T to T, via ancestry.

The journalists heard that Croves had indeed been the German revolutionary named Ret Marut in his youth, which reconciled both the adherents of the theory of the Americanness and the proponents of the hypothesis about the Germanness of the writer. The above dates of Marut’s supposed incarceration in the UK seem to be supported by travel documents.

Traven Bruno Traven in some accounts was the pen name of a presumably German novelist, whose real name, nationality, date and place of birth and details of biography are all subject to dispute.

Investigating in official archives, Spota discovered that Torsvan had received a foreigner’s identification card in Mexico in and a Mexican ID card in ; on both documents the date and place of birth was 5 March in Chicago. libo

The rumour was not true. In his presentation of oppression and exploitation, Traven did not limit himself to the criticism of capitalism; in the travven of his interest there were rather racial persecutions of Mexican Indians. Most leftist intellectuals, despite their negative attitude to European and American imperialismdid not know about, or were not interested in persecutions of natives in Africa, Asia or South America.

Neither the European nor the American publishers of the writer ever met him personally or, at least, the people with whom they negotiated the publication and later also the filming of his books always maintained they were only Traven’s literary agents; the identity of the writer himself was to be kept secret.

The English texts are usually longer; in both versions there are also fragments which are missing in the other language.

B. Traven – Wikipedia

Microfilm Publication M, rolls. After working as a mechanic in Magdeburg, Feige became summer head of the metal workers’ union in Gelsenkirchen. Traven’s novels and short stories became very popular as early as the interwar period and retained this popularity after the Second World War ; they were also translated into many languages.


Traven with the person named Berick Traven Torsvan who lived in Mexico from at least Some of them are relatively well-founded; others are quite fantastic and incredible.

He formally ran an inn there; however, his shabby joint did not have many customers; Torsvan himself was a recluse, called El Gringo by his neighbours, which would confirm his American nationality.

Canasta de cuentos mexicanos- Bruno Traven

Der politische Schriftsteller B. If one cannot get to know the human through his works, then either the human is worthless, or his works are worthless Wenn der Mensch in seinen Werken nicht zu erkennen ist, dann ist entweder der Mensch nichts wert oder seine Werke sind nichts wert.

By deleting his former names Feige and Marut, he extinguished his hitherto existences and created a new one, including a suitable story of personal descent. Commercial and Statistical Department and successors: The problem is made even more complex by the fact that Xanasta books published in English are full of Germanisms whereas those published in German full of Anglicisms.

Unlike much of adventure or Western fiction, Traven’s books, however, are not only characterized by a detailed description of the social cuentoss of their protagonists but also by the consistent presentation of the world from the perspective of the “oppressed and exploited”.

Traven are one and the same person, he denied this angrily; however, in the opinion of the journalist, Torsvan got confused in his explanations and finally admitted lihro to being the writer. Traven by many scholars see belowbeuno husband signed on a ” death ship ” after his release from prison and sailed to Norway, from there on board another “death ship” to Africa and, finally, on mexicanps a Dutch ship, reached Tampico on the Gulf of Mexico in the summer of The Death Ship was published by Knopf in ; it was soon followed by further Traven books which appeared in the United States and the United Kingdom.

He acted as a writer and the alleged representative of B.

Croves, instead of the writer, was also present at the next cnaasta in Acapulco and later, as a technical advisor, all the time on location during the shooting of the film in Mexico canasat Traven deserves credit for drawing public attention to these questions, long before anti-colonial movements and struggle for emancipation of black people in the United States.


The above hypotheses, identifying B. There were many hypotheses on the true identity of B. Inhe published a biography of Traven [13] in which he claimed that the books signed with the pen name B.

At this point, the mysterious behaviour of the writer and his alleged agent made a great number of the crew members believe that Hal Croves was B. Most researchers also identify B. Traven’s books were published in German first and their English canastx appeared later; nevertheless the author always claimed that the English versions were the original ones and that the German versions were only their translations.

Schmid’s hypothesis has both its adherents and opponents; at present its verification seems to be impossible. T, ; Microfilm Roll: Traven’s writings can be best described as “proletarian adventure novels”.

The Secret of the Sierra Madre: At present, this hypothesis is accepted by most “Travenologists”. The trsven, whose original English title was The Healerwas honored by The New York Times as the canadta short story of the year in Views Read Edit View history.

See Tapio Helen’s article. This excitement was partly fuelled by Warner Bros. In the light of findings of Traven’s biographers, The Death Ship may be regarded as a novel with autobiographical elements.

Die abenteuerliche Suche nach B. After the outbreak of the war, inhe declared to the German authorities that he cuentls an American citizen. The action of the book is again set in Mexico, and its main characters are a group of American adventurers and gold seekers. However, instead of the writer, an unknown man turned up at the hotel and introduced himself as Hal Croves, [25] cusntos translator from Acapulco and San Antonio.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Virtually every detail of Traven’s life has been disputed and hotly debated. Traven [27] induced a Mexican journalist named Luis Spota to try to find Hal Croves, who disappeared after the end of the shooting of the film in the summer of cuents From the s onwards many of his short stories also appeared in magazines and anthologies in different languages.