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About Lakshmi Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, love, prosperity (both material and spiritual), fortune, and the embodiment of beauty. She is the wife of. goddess-lakshmi-sahasranamaholy-names-with-meaning to inspire baby names. Find largest collection of hindu mythological names on Lord Krishna. Laxmi Sahasranamam () Telugu mp3 songs download, Laxmi Sahasranamam songs free download, Lakshmi Sahasranamam mp3 Song download.

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She who is the wife of Shiva who destroyed the three cities. When asking Vishnu for grace or the forgiveness, the devotees often approach Him through the intermediary presence of Lakshmi.

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Even those who do not follow the Dharma of the followers of Vishnu, And those who teligu not follow my penance and do not have devotion to me, Can chant my names with the thought that I should be saluted.

This stotra is from the Skanda Purana where it is being documented as being taught by Sage Sanath Kumara to a set of 12 sages. Oh Brahmanplease tell us about her who is the essence of all knowledge, And who gives results of all action done instantaneously.

She is also worshipped as the consort of Vishnu in many temples. English with Meanings – 1. She is also the personification of the spiritual Fulfillment.

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Here, it also states that Goddess Lakshmi states that even if this stotra is chanted without belief, she would stay for ever in their clan. Auto pause during call. Teluug thousand thirty three names are mentioned in the source of this translation, though in the text of the sahasra nama it is mentioned that the names are 1, names. Is it necessary for me tell that in case of those, Who read this with devotion and having surrendered to me, I as a mother with pity on them, I would look after them day and night.


Maha Lakshmi Devi Sahasranamam. Use Seek-bar to sshasranamam to any position in audio along with their respective page. I am telling you the thousand names of Goddess Lakshmi, Which has been praised by Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and alo Indra, Yathyocharana mathrena daridryoth muchyathe nara.

Who is being sahasrajamam about as one who removes poverty?

Sri Lakshmi Sahasranama Strotra Bhasyam

Bhudevi is the representation and totality of the material world or energy, called saahasranamam aparam Prakriti, in which she is called Mother Earth. When Vishnu incarnated on the Earth as the avatars Rama and Krishna, Lakshmi took incarnation as his consort.

Please tell about her who is called knowledgeKnowledge of the ultimate and one who destroys death. Humans are mainly suffering due to sajasranamam scarcity of wealth, For they can never attain Dharma and wealth without money.

Also, she embodies the spiritual world, also known as Vaikunta, the abode of Lakshmi-Narayana or Vishnu,She is also the divine qualities of God and the soul. The festivals of Diwali and Kojagiri Purnima are celebrated in her honour.

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She who has half male and half female organ as Ardha nareeswari. She who has eight types of nature [1].

She who is the consort of Lord Shiva. Maha Lakshmi Devi Sa She who is an expert in eight yogas viz YamaNiyamaaasana,pranayama, prathyahara, dharanaDhyana and Samadhi.

Goddess Lakshmi Sahasranama 1000 Holy Names With Meaning

Another peculiarity of this publication is that a few prayers to Goddess Lakshmi have been added in the middle of the sahasranamam and have also been included in the Namavali. We salute you again and again, And offer pranams sahasranammam the floor, Ten thousand times. Even those children of the poor, telufu besieged by bad luck, Man without initiative, Man who does not do work, Man who is handicapped and also the own who is down trodden, Will all definitely become lucky due to my grace, For I am waiting to shower blessings on such a one.


Puthra puthrabhivridhischa Vidhya Bhoga phaladhikam. Human being escapes by telling only its name, And is it necessary to tell that he would great wealth, If the entire thing is chanted with devotion. Telling this the treasure house of mercy, sage Sanathkumara, Blessed them and left those twelve sages immediately. She who throws on on Vedas and Sasthras. Hanuman Chalisa and Sahasranam.

Jay Adhya shakti Aarti HD. I meditate on the sister of the moon, who has a face like a full moon, Who wears divine gem studded ornaments and who shows, Blessing and protection by her two hands. Sridevi is the spiritual world or energy, called the Prakriti.

She who is the Sushumna nadi which is in between Ida and Pingala Nadis. Oh mother you laxmu every thing to Vishnu, Salutations to you oh Greatest goddess, Salutations sahasranamaam mother of all the worlds, Who is auspiciousness personified.

Oh treasure of mercy tell those names that lead enjoyment and salvation, Which would lead to the good of those who do not do bad deeds, And are not attached to those results of the deeds that they do. Who is being sung about as one who removes poverty? Ayur arogya sampathir ashataiswarya. Salutations to Lakshmi who gives powers, the great Kali, great Lakshmi, She who is the five faces of Shiva and she who is five times five. Oh great one, you have well asked for the benefit of all the world, I feel that such a thought will occur only to great ones and not to others.

She who is not affected by the five kosas like Annamaya kosa. Share your Like on Face-book.