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L Switch Mode Driver for DC Motors Data Sheet · DRIVERS POUR MOTEUR DC. Legislation and Compliance. RoHS Certificate of Compliance. Statement of. STMicroelectronics L Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability. L Switch-mode Driver For DC Motors. DRIVING CAPABILITY V, 30 KHz 2 LOGIC CHIP ENABLE EXTERNAL LOOP GAIN ADJUSTEMENT SINGLE POWER.

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When the motor is stopped and the microprocessor orders it to a new positio, the system operates initially in an open-loop configuration as there is no feedback from the tachometer generator. From this basic input, the microprocessor computes a 5-bit control word that sets the system speed dependent on the distance to travel Storage and Junction Temperature.

The motor continues to run at rop speed but under closed-loop control. This section has been added in order to help the designer for the best choise of the values of external.

The multiplier outputs, C. L The system operates in two modes to achieve high speed, high-accurancy positioning. The choise of the datasheft components in these RC network pins 5, 7, 9 is determined by the motor type.

In order to be sure that the current loop is stable the following condition is imposed: But for a good stability, from relationship. Inhibit High Level pin 12, V MB which are fed to the multipliers.

At the time, the microprocessor orders a switch to the position mode, strobe signal at pin 8 of L and within 3 to 4 ms the L drives the motor to a datashwet position, where it is held by electronic “de- tenting”.


The output will also be inhibited if the supply voltage falls below 18 V.

L292 Datasheet PDF

Sensing Rsistor Voltage Drop. L datasheet and specification datasheet.

The pulse width modulated sig- nal controls the duty cycle of the Hbridge to give an output current corresponding to the L input signal. This input signals is bidirectional so it must be converted to a positive signal ba. STMicroelectronics products datasueet not.

L Datasheet | Datasheet Lookup

The interval between one side of the bridge switching off and the other switching on, t, is programmed by. The L, L and L are intended to be used as a 3-chip microprocessor controlled positioning sys. The braking is applied progressively until the motor is running at minimum speed. The schematic diagram used for the Laplace analysis of the system is shown in fig. In DC condition, this is reduced to.

Elcodis is a trademark of Elcodis Company Ltd. Using the coparators C. The previous linear analysis is correct for this example. At the time, the microprocessor orders a switch to the position mode, strobe signal at pin 8 of L and. L datasheet and specification datasheet Download datasheet. Transfer Function Calculation in Application Information.

L292 Datasheet

RC network R20, C17 – pins 11 and 10 where: Frequency Range pin This same reference voltage supplies the triangle wave oscillator whose frequency is fixed by the external. The sign bit represets the direction of motor rotation. The values shown in the diagram are for a 5. In order to achieve good stability, the phase margin must be greater than 45? The module of the transfer function is: As the target position is approached, the microprocessor lowers the value of the speed-demand word; this.


Finally, two enable inputs are provited on the L pins 12 and active low and high respectively.

L (STMicroelectronics) – Switch-mode Driver For Dc Motors | eet

The second input to each multipler consists of the sign of the first input of the other multiplier before dif. The system operates in two modes to achieve high speed, high-accurancy positioning. This can be foud from: Copy your embed code and put on your site: The oscillator determines the switching frequency of the output stage and should be in the range 1 to 30 KHz.

This signals are used by the microprocessor to determine the position by counting the pulses. The current sense resistors R. The enable inputs were implemented datasheett this way because they are intended to be driven directly by a mi. The device may be used separately – dataaheet the L motor driver – but since they will usually. L29 is continuosly updated on the motor position by means of pulses from the L tachometer chip, whitch in tur gets its information from the optical encoder.

Input Current pin 6. Input Current pin 6. The enable inputs were implemented in this way because they are intended to be driven directly by a microprocessor. Total Drop Out Voltage. This publication supersedes and replaces all l92 previously supplied. Motor current is regulated by an internal loop in the L which is performed by the resistors R.