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Explore millions of videos from across the world and Enjoy the content you love to watch. Keracunan organofosfat dan insektisida. Soegijanto Soemomarto Soegijanto Soemomarto(1*) (1) (*) Corresponding Author. Baygon Cockroach Control will give an effective residual control for up to 4 weeks dan baunya yang sangat kuat seperti boleh membuat keracunan pula. 4 .

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Poisoning can occur when someone swallows something toxic, spills or splashes a dangerous substance on their skin or eyes, or inhales poisonous fumes.

Common symptoms include burns or redness around the mouth, nausea or vomiting, difficulty breathing, and drowsiness or confusion.

Contact a poison control center for advice once help is on the way. You can ask the emergency services operator for the number.

This article was co-authored by Jurdy Dugdale, RN. Jurdy Dugdale is a Registered Nurse in Florida. There are 24 references cited in this article, which meracunan be found at the bottom of the page.

Call emergency services if you notice poisoning symptoms. Call your local emergency number as soon as possible if you notice symptoms such as: Slurred speech, as kerxcunan the person has had too much to drink. Shaking or trembling hands. Unsteady gait when the person is walking. Extreme restlessness or agitation. Get immediate help if you think someone poisoned themselves intentionally.

If you suspect that a person has deliberately taken medication, drugs, or poison to hurt themselves, call emergency services immediately. The more information you can get, the easier it will be for the emergency medical technicians to help them.

Deliberate or accidental poisoning with large doses of medication or drugs is often accompanied by alcohol use, but they might also be using harder drugs. Check for track marks on their arms if you suspect drug use.

If the person is having serious symptoms, wait to call poison control until help is already on the way. You can also ask the emergency services operator for the number. You can also get quick information about poisons at https: If you live outside the U. Provide as much information as you bayygon to the medical professionals. Once you get in touch with emergency medical personnel or a poison help hotline, tell them as much as you can about both the poison and the poisoning victim.

Different poisons require different treatments, so the more information you can give, the more they can do to help. Be prepared to tell them: Any medications or dietary supplements the person is taking.

How much of the poison the person ingested, inhaled, or came into contact with if you know. How long it has been since you found the person.

Klinik Nyeri: The Johns Hopkins Manual of Gynecology and Obstetrics 2nd edition

What kind of poison the person was exposed to if you know. If the poison came from a package or container, keep it on hand so that you can give information from the label. This is also important if the poison was due to fumes from a chemical. If the poison seems to have been from berries or mushrooms, take a sample to bring along.


Accompany the person while they get medical care if you can. The doctor or emergency technicians may need to: Provide breathing support, such as an oxygen mask, a breathing tube, or a ventilator.

Offer medical treatments such as chemical antidotes, activated charcoal tablets to absorb poison in the gutmedication to induce vomiting, or laxatives to flush poison from body. If you know or suspect that you or someone else has been exposed to poison, you might feel scared or panicked. Remind yourself that the best thing you can do right now is call for help and let the medical professionals talk you through the situation.

Read the instructions on the label if the poison is a household chemical. If you know or think that you or another person has been poisoned by a household chemical e.

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Most of these products are labeled with instructions in case of accidental poisoning. For example, if the person swallowed the substance, they may need emergency medical care. Baygonn they spilled it on their hands, it may be enough to rinse their skin under cool water for several minutes. Ekracunan the person to spit out any poison in their mouth. If you know or suspect that someone has swallowed poison or put it in their mouth, encourage them to spit out any remaining poison.

If they are unconscious, try to wake them up and ask them to spit. Never induce vomiting byagon a doctor or poison control specialist keraunan you to.

Forcing someone who has been poisoned to bayvon up may do more harm than good. This is why it is necessary for them or you to go to an emergency room. If the person vomits, wrap your hand in a clean cloth. Gently sweep your fingers sideways across the inside of their mouth to clear their airway.

Medical personnel may be able to identify the plant by looking at fragments in the vomit. Keep the person on their side with their head turned to one side to prevent them from choking on vomit. Take off any contaminated clothing using gloves. Clothing can trap the poison against the skin, causing further irritation. Make sure to launder any contaminated clothing before anyone wears it again. Clean any contaminated skin with cool water. Rinse the affected keracunam for 15 to 20 minutes under cool, clean water.

Rinse away poison in the eyes with cool or lukewarm water. Have them place their eyes directly under a stream of running water i. Make sure that the water is cool or lukewarm, not warm or hot.

Avoid rubbing your eyes or discourage the affected person from doing so, since this can make the problem worse. Remove the person from the area where they inhaled the poison fumes. If you can, get them to a well-ventilated area, such as outdoors or baybon room with open windows and doors. Open doors and windows in the area to clear out any lingering fumes. Lie down on your left side with a cushion or other soft object behind your back. Pull your right leg up at the knee to prevent yourself from rolling forward or backward.


Stay in this position until help arrives. Perform CPR if a poisoned person is not breathing, moving, or coughing. If the person who has been poisoned stops breathing, seems completely still and unresponsive, or has no obvious pulse or heartbeatdo CPR until they revive or gaygon arrives. Just do to chest compressions per minute until help arrives. Never induce vomiting unless a medical expert tells you to.

Journal of the Medical Sciences (Berkala Ilmu Kedokteran)

Making a person vomit when they have swallowed poison could cause harmful chemical burns in their throat. Every poison is different and requires different treatment. Although you may have heard that bagon can neutralize poisons by swallowing or applying lemon juice, vinegar, or other substances, the best thing you can baygn is wait for help and instructions from a medical professional. Be mindful of your own safety before trying to rescue another person. Let someone else drive you to the emergency room if you feel sick.

Attempting to drive yourself could put you and other people on the road at risk. Call emergency kerachnan and wait for help to arrive. If someone is with you, you could also ask them to drive you to the emergency room.

If someone is convulsing, putting an object in their mouth could break their teeth or cause them to choke. If the person vomits and is not convulsing, keracunah can gently swipe your fingers across the inside of their mouth to clear their airway. There’s a lot to know about snakebites. I would refer you to the Wikihow article on “3 Ways to treat a Snake Bite.

Not Helpful 2 Helpful 6. Mushrooms can be hallucinogenic, often the doctors will simply let the mushroom work its way out of the system. They may also induce vomiting. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. The symptoms of poisoning vary depending on the type of poison.

Most poisoning happens when someone eats or drinks a poisonous substance ingestiongets something poisonous on their skin contact poisoningor breathes in poisonous gases or fumes inhalation. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. The treatment will depend on the type of poison the person swallowed. The doctor may give them a medicinal treatment, such as an antidote, or give them laxatives or fluids to try to flush the poison out of their system.

In some cases, the only treatment is observation and medical support e. If the ink has only come in contact with the skin, you must wash it thoroughly with kkeracunan water until the substance can no longer be seen by the naked eye.

If you do this straight away, then there is no reason to worry. If you have swallowed the ink or got it in your mouth, make sure that any of the remaining ink has been spat out and the mouth or affected area has been kercunan cleaned with lukewarm water. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 7.