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Buy Datenbanksysteme (de Gruyter Studium) 10th , Erw. Und Akt. Aufl.., 10t ed. by Alfons Kemper, Andre Eickler (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s. @book{kemperdatenbanksysteme, added-at = {T+ }, asin = {}, author = {Kemper, Alfons and Eickler, André}. Get this from a library! Datenbanksysteme: eine Einführung. [Alfons Kemper; André Eickler].

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TU Munich, Department of Informatics. BonczAlfons KemperThomas Neumann: Query optimization through the looking glass, and what we found running datenbanksysgeme Join Order Benchmark.

BonczThomas NeumannAlfons Kemper: Make the most out of your SIMD investments: Approximate Geospatial Joins with Precision Eockler. Adaptive Geospatial Joins for Modern Hardware. BonczAlfons Kemper: Estimating Correlated Joins with Deep Learning. LevandoskiThomas NeumannAndrew Pavlo: Main Memory Database Systems. Foundations and Trends in Databases 8 Informatik Spektrum 40 2: Cardinality Estimation Done Right: Analytics on Fast Data: The ART of practical synchronization.

Instant service choreographies for reconfigurable manufacturing systems – a demonstrator. Evaluation of parallel graph loading techniques.


Exploiting modern hardware for main-memory database systems. Adaptive skew handling for distributed joins over high-speed networks.

Datenbanksysteme: Alfons Kemper, Andre Eickler: : Books

Indexing Highly Dynamic Hierarchical Data. Hochperformante Analyse von Graph-Datenbanken. Thomas NeumannAlfons Kemper: Schedule-based service choreographies for real-time control loops. The More the Merrier: Efficient Multi-Source Graph Traversal.

Alfons KemperThomas Neumann: Network and Service Management 11 3: Heterogeneity-conscious parallel query execution: Machine ballets don’t need conductors: Towards scheduling-based service datenbanksysfeme in a real-time SOA for industrial automation. Exploiting hardware transactional memory in main-memory databases.

Locality-sensitive operators for parallel main-memory database clusters. One DBMS for all: Viktor LeisPeter A.

On-the-fly token similarity joins in relational databases. Alfons KemperIppokratis Pandis: Alfons KemperWolfgang Lehner: IT Professional 15 5: Instant Loading for Main Memory Databases.

New Trends in Databases and Information Systems: CPU and cache efficient management of memory-resident databases.

The adaptive datenbanksysreme tree: ARTful indexing for main-memory databases. Ryan JohnsonAlfons Kemper: Alfons KemperMartin Wimmer: OldenbourgISBNpp. Michael SeiboldAlfons Kemper: Database as a Service. Highly efficient optimal k-anonymity for biomedical datasets. Planning in the large: Efficient generation of IT change plans on large infrastructures.

Datenbanksysteme: Eine Einführung | BibSonomy

Efficient distributed query processing datenbanksyeteme autonomous RDF databases. The mainframe strikes back: Efficient verification of IT change operations or: How we could have prevented Amazon’s cloud outage.


Efficient, Stable and Optimal K-Anonymity. Handling Data Skew in MapReduce. Datenanksysteme HagenAlfons Kemper: A performance and usability comparison of automated planners for IT change planning.

How to efficiently snapshot transactional data: Fabian PrasserSebastian H. WurstGregor LamlaKlaus A. KuhnAlfons Kemper: Extensibility and Data Sharing in evolving multi-tenant databases.

Towards solid IT Change Management: Automated detection of conflicting IT change plans.


Integrated Network Management Tractor pulling on data warehouses. The mixed workload CH-benCHmark.

Service Migration Scenarios for Embedded Networks. One Size Fits all, Again! Automated adaption of IT change plans for unpredictable management domains.