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INI, under the section [UV2], create a CDBx entry as shown below. [UV2] CDB0=” path\”(“Our Smart Cards”). This allows accessing the Device. I’ve been trying to get uVision2 to work with ClearCase. I opened configuration file for ClearCase in \KEIL\UV2 directory. Then, I’m able to open clearcase. INI which is stored relative to the UV2\ program. Note that the PATH variables in specify the default location for the compiler toolchain.

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Roman Horvath How is possible control or read these lines with simulated processor? Andrew Neil uVision simulates only the processor. Kel not, you will have to provide your own simulation support – there’s an Application note that describes how to do it AGSI?

Roman Horvath Thank you Andy. In the AGSI documentation isn’t information about serial ports.

Developing Keil MDK-ARM Projects with VisualGDB – VisualGDB Tutorials

Is some way how to add my own support for these lines to existing native serial port module? Of course through agsi library.

How can I obtain opened serial port handler when I want to use EscapeCommFunction win32 api function from my own agsi. Your Win32 code will access the PC’s resurces in the normal Win32 keik For Win32 programming, you need to find a Win32 forum.

MSDN is also a good place to look. For serial stuff on Win32, you could try TurboPower – it’s uv22 now open-source: It’s implemented in uv2 realy fair now. I doubt that will work. If it’s not documented, you’d have to ask Keil support direct Roman Horvath I’ll try to use one port for modem lines and another for uv2’s communication and I join them physically Maybe I’ll be succeed.