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All most of us know is that he (or she?) was developed out of house, was linked to Kaleb Daark and fell victim to legalities worse that the Realm. View the profiles of people named Kaleb Daark. Join Facebook to connect with Kaleb Daark and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. Kaleb Daark is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Kaleb Daark and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the. .

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It’s nice dsark see stuck projects finished. It’s a weight off the hobby conscience. You’ve done a great job of updating a classic character. Cheers, I actually do feel relieved. Well a little, still have plenty on my plate but this one has been giving weird looks for quite a while so it feels great. I actually ended up having fun when I thought I’d just abandon the model completely, weird Anyway, thanks to you and the others for helping me getting this one done, I might even finish my “how to oldhammer” entry at some point!

You must be glad he’s finished, JB. Always nice to get an half started project completed after so long. Some lovely detailing here and the steed’s base has come out very well. You amongst all know how long it took me! Thta’s a load off of my chest now, I’ll try and get rid of all the half finished projects, I hop it will prove as plesant as for this one!

Thanks a lot Ed. I really like the character and seeing him painted gives me dozens of ideas to include him in a game. While I like the original sculpt, I vastly prefer your second creation I’m not that much into old lead. His mere presence on a table should instill fear in the heart of his enemies be there followers of the other chaos daari or not. I have to say I quite like the original model but I guess it’s more for nostalgic reasons than anything else I am very ialeb of old lead after all That said, if I were to play Kaleb, I’d most probably play the new version unless it’s for a small sized game.

I have to agree: He certainly makes a statement on the battlefield – the ‘don’t mess with me’ kind ; He’ll look great at the head of a column of chaos knights, trampling all before them: D you should totally come to Australia and do battle with me!

Now the burden of his incompleteness has lifted I’m excited to see what comes skittering off your paint queue next. Kaleb is an army of one really but haveing a couple of friends around to masisvely kick Chaotic an dLaw asses all alike would be good fun! There will be a time when I’ll head south buddy, make no mistake, it’s written in the stars, just need dasrk get it written on my bank account. Great work JB, its a really good update on the character.

Has the approach that you took when painting the horse – the cool blue purple recesses and yellowish highlights – influenced how you have painted things since? Or has this one miniature remained an experiment rather than a change in policy? Well the approach was a first and I had to finish the whole model to get the idea if it’s worth or not, I haven’t tried it again yet but I’ve been more carefulabout colour choices since.

I think I will try it again though on the next large models I have, I think it gives a vibrance that smaller model can get from details and spot colours. Some zoats or an ambull darak be the perfect targets for working on this I suppose, can’t wait to get my Diego sculpts to find out! I tend not to blend terribly carefully, mostly just layering on thin coats with often quite visible brushstrokes.


If I had massive delusions of grandeur I would say that how Faark paint is a very slightly more Impressionistic approach than many, but I would never say that in public as it would make me look like an egomaniac, so just here, between us I will mention it. A big feature of the Impressionists is applying spots of differing pure colour in various quantities so that the overall effect is that of a mixed colour, rather than actually mixing paints together before application.

You may well already know that. The idea of bridging a recess colour to a mid colour to a highlight colour is basic toy soldier painting stuff, but playing with how severe the jump from one to the other can be interests me. On a basic level I enjoyed painting the flesh on these old Possessed models like that waaay back in and seeing which of the combos daafk than dqark interested me. The work on your Kaleb has rekindled that interest a bit. The Possessed that I mentioned.

Please ignore the terrible photography, but you should be able to get an idea of what I am rambling about: I get what you mean and I do think tehre’s a high potential for this. I said I’d limit this to larger models for a start but you just made me remember some orcs painted by RIck Priestley daar, looked terrific: Cheers, funny how little effort was required to actually finish a model that had sat on the table for a year and a half lonely and untouched Wow, that’s a hell of a work!

But for sure it paid off well!! It’s interesting how you solved some of the specifics, particularly about the paintjob! Honestly, there were some shortcuts in teh end, I first wanted to give it my best painting wise but after kaleeb the armour the way I did it there was no place left and I finally opted for a safer route.

Still teh model does what it’s meant to so I’m happy with it! Good job mate, you really can’t beat a big of Malal loving on a wet Monday Morning: Wet here too I mean the weather reallya good dose of Malal is always welcome isn’t it? The size difference from the old horsey to the newer plastic one is quite stark isn’t it? The original mini looks like he’s riding a pony: D You’ve done a great job with the new one JB. And magnetising all the bits is a great idea, not just for poseability, but also for transport!

Another stellar job JB, slowly but surely working your way through the last pile. Glad you like it mate. It is on a whole other scale isn’t it? I haven’t stored the model but now that you mention it it will probably be easier as is. I guess finding the proper motivation is the key when getting to the bothering bits isn’t it? Absolutely love the finished article JB, I can’t believe the size difference he is massive, the seamless execution of the magnets is excellent I have had lots of fun with those how many time did you get the poles wrong when gluing them in?

Dit’s a Golden demon standard miniatures and wouldn’t be out of place in a Fantasy miniatures book, oh and I am having a nostaglia moment back to my asymetrical haircuts during m brutal music years, well done J. I think GD standard is a bit too much for me really, maybe it could have been entered but it wouldn’t saark made a podium kakeb in that 90’s period with a slightly lower level.

Glad it brought a couple of memories to you. Cheers Buddy, it seems there’s alway s a way to salvage models when you take the time. I want to save more now! This project was pretty much the first one I recall the drew me into your blog.

It’s great to see it completed; even bettet that we’ve been able to share conversations, projects and games since, in spite of living in different countries. Keep it coming JB! Funny isn’t it, it’s nearly a milestone for me!


I need to clear a few things I’v left unattended for too long and like always it’s finishing I like most in a project though I do start far more projects than I finish But that final lick of paint, that final tuft of grass, that final varnishing or effect, how I love those kalebb where you can look around and think “who’s next!

Overall muted colour scheme works wonders for this set of miniatures. Can’t say it enough It’s true for once I managed to escape too bright colours though I can’t say it was intentional Maybe Malal’s essence passed into my brushes who knows.

Very glad you like it. Excellent work JB, great painting and cool to see a new style Kaleb Daark. The magnet idea is an interesting one. I agree the old model, which I still like, is very 2-D and dull. You have created a wonderful, dynamic, and heavy feeling Chaos knight that looks like he could take on the hordes besieging Praag, and painting him up very nicely indeed.

I seem to recall champions of Malal are particularly gifted and well treated by their patron god as they’re only a few so that might make sense to have him looking like he could take an army raark his own. This model is merely a variation on a theme but the exercise was enjoyable? The ideal Kaleb model would probably a daakr scaled model by some of he talented hands which are gracing us with such cool sculpts looking at you Diego.

C13 Kaleb Daark – Spring Journal

Monday, 24 August Kaleb Daark the doomed one, he is back. Kaleb Daark has always been a fascinating character for me and for many people I guessI won’t go and tell his tale again as some have done it far better than I could do but I did paint his model a while back. Malal has alway been a fascinating God too since he was mentionned in warhammer RPG and a few publications but got erased for some sordid IP reasons.

The appeal of both is still very strong and from time to time, small details can ignite a barrel of renegade god fuel.

Kaleb Daark :: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Lore Discussion

For me, it started all long ago with this tiny bit:. You can see WIP shots of the construction in this post. The construction was quite a fun process and when came the painting part, that’s when things started to hurt It took me 6 months to get to the basecoat stage and a year and a half to get it to something finished.

Thanks to some kind folks who helped me focus a bit, I finally decided to pull jaleb fingers out and finish him for good. The real problem is that as it had been started quite a while ago the painting strategy or lack thereof mad eme reluctant to get back on it. I would not have done things now the way I did them back then and that proved quite irritating But since only finished projects count As you can see, the model I built is a loose interpretation of the original as it never was my intention or in my ability to recreate a scaled up version.

I really just wanted to know how an updated version would look.

Kaleb Daark

Below you daarrk see how old Kaleb fares next to his younger version:. Painting wise; the colours chosen have ialeb the source of a lot of thoughts as explained in this post.

I basically ended up using the marine blue on almost all parts from skin to armour, hair and even the ground mutations. I realise I could have gone further by adding some into the metallics but the contrast with the warm skin and leathers is looking good I find.