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FREE 2-day Shipping: JVC’s KW-NX double-sized DVD receiver fits perfectly in the double-sized dash opening in many popular cars. You get DVD and. Download JVC KW-NX SERIES NAVIGATION DVD RECEIVER SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Select a model name. KD-X15x, KD-X, KD-XM · KD-XDBT, KW- DB93BT · KW-RBT, KW-R93xBTS, KW-SX83BTS, KW-X, · KD-X

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To delete a via point Press [Delete] after selecting the item you want to delete, then press [Recalculate] in step 4. In this case sound quality is low.

One should have permanent live, the other should be switchable. Page 17 The following steps are one of the fundamental procedures. Special driving recommendations and regulations for other vehicles e. Activates the demonstration on the screen.

Editing information A To edit the name. Here’s a link to this great service Good luck! The compatibility information will be displayed. Aspect ratio of incoming signal Press [Cancel] to cancel the operation. After pressing [Select] on the map screen, you can do various operations by pressing one of the buttons on the next screen.

Traffic Information On The Map The search for the current category starts, then the results are listed. Enter the city name, then select from the list. In this manual, English indications are used for the purpose of explanation.

In particular, the Navigation System cannot be used as an aid to orientation when visibility is poor. Select your JVC receiver model and your cell-phone.


While guided, you can also search for a POI near the destination or along amnual route. Para Escuchar La Radio Satelital Don’t have an account? Avant Le Fonctionnement While pushing in the button, take a screwdriver and pry up on the door mechanism on the end of the door. Slide to open These buttons do not function at this position.

The System proceeds calibration. For canceling the display demonstration, see page 9. Page 79 Stop playback. Not finding what you are looking for?

Motorway Select whether to use or avoid these types of roads to go to the destination. Local Within 20 km of your current position or the position selected on the map.

JVC KW-NX manual

Listening To The Cd Changer The option is located in the settings under your navigation menu. A detour is calculated, and guidance starts. Selecting Preset Channels Some of the settings do not open the sub-setting window, but just selecting an option will change the setting. Page 20 To change the map scale To scroll the map Touch the screen to display the operating buttons. The actual road signs and traffic regulations must therefore always be observed. There are no user serviceable parts inside the unit; leave all servicing to qualified service personnel.

Turns off the AV function if pressed and held, and turns on the AV function again if pressed briefly. nxx7000

Firmware Updates

Lists the information on your route Details of the selected alert are displayed. Disc Operations Disc operations The disc type is automatically detected, then playback starts for some discs, the top menu of the disc appears.

  ER 385-1-95 PDF

Lists the information on your route Details of the selected alert are displayed. If you wish to dispose of this product, please do so in accordance with applicable national legislation or other rules in your country and municipality.

How/where to reset my JVC NX7000.

Fonctionnement De Base Displays information of the destination To add via points After guidance has started Navigation menu items Destination Menu Menu items Selectable settings, [reference page] Start guidance to the home.

Disc operations The disc type is automatically detected, mvc playback starts for some discs, the top menu of the disc appears. You can preset six stations for each band. As the TMC information is transmitted by radio stations, JVC cannot assume responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the information.

It is forbidden to extract or make further use of significant parts of the database content, or to duplicate, modify, adapt, translate, analyze, decompile or reverse-engineer any part thereof. JVC does not accept liability for erroneous data provided by the Navigation System. The icons of traffic alert which are not on your route are shown in grey when all the information is displayed.