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Muslim Spain gave rise to two unusual figures in the mystical tradition of Islam: Ibn Masarra (//) and Ibn al-ʿArabī (//). Muslim Spain gave rise to two unusual figures in the mystical tradition of Islam: Ibn Masarra and Ibn al- Arab. Representing, respectively, the beginning and the. b.,Abd All¯ ah al-Jabal¯ı, known as Ibn Masarra, was born in Cordoba in / His father,Abd All¯ah traveled to the East, and had been to .

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For a comparative analysis of this image, see maasrra seminal paper by A. Plants and kernels of various colors, textures, tastes and smells are irrigated by one and the same water yet some of them We make more excellent than others to eat. Kenny10 and by P. What lies beyond the intellect, although it encompasses it in some way, is totally transcendent: He betook himself to him, or it, for refuge, protection, cover or lodging. God’s knowledge is only of universals; were he to know particulars, his oneness would be jeopardized and our moral responsibility denied.

He also said, praising His friends who seek to behold: His influence on Ibn al-‘Arabi is attested by the many references masarraa him in the latter’s works and by similarity in a number of ideas, especially in the continuous use of similes of light and ibm to describe the essence of God.

For Ibn Masarra fit. He then knows that above it there is something other than itself, and he wishes [to find] in the lower world a trace of this other to serve as indication. The totality of what is in the Book is the idea mithalEidos of the universe, whatever was, is or shall be.


Ibn Masarra – Wikipedia

Coming to be in time is the particularization of beings found in jasarra locus performed by that decree that particularizes things and responds to invocation. Contents Article Summary content locked. Berlin and New York, —7. Masarar proof is thus [doubly] supported, certitude is revealed, and the hearts attain the realities of faith. It is harnessed by the reins of subjugation, bondage and lowliness, branded by marks of impotence. It is still not possible to reconstruct his philosophical system until the remaining works are found, especially his Tawhid al-muqinin The Certain Profession of the Oneness of Godwhere he discussed God’s attributes.

Praise be to Him, the One, the Creator, the Encompassing, who presides over all that He created, who holds the heavens and earth lest they perish Q The signs testify to it all and tell it, each one of them testifying to the other and indicating it: This indicates to the contemplator that there exists yet a higher governing power who rules over the intellect, as well as over everything below it.

In the commentary we have added hermeneu- tic, comparative and contextual notes regarding specific points raised by the text.

Ibn Masarra, Muhammad ibn ‘Abd Allah (–) – Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

We wish to thank J. For it is impos- sible for these seven firmaments, with their weight and the size of their bodies, to hold themselves This decree has two aspects. What were you doing?! The principles from which all creatures have come are fourteen in number, ten of which are in the sublunar world: The beginnings of mystical philosophy in al-Andalus which had crystallized in the East, in philosophy as well as in S.

It becomes, therefore, necessarily evident that there exists above it one who dominates it and all that lies beneath it, since all that lies beneath it is under it. Then turn your vision once more and the vision will come back to you, shamed and lost. I have therefore resolved to validate this and illustrate it. It is disjoint, restricted to boundaries which it cannot transgress, and enclosed within a limit which it cannot cross.


The movement of nature is from below upwards as well as sideways, but this contrasts with the downward movement of water.

It is masarrz interesting that similar formulations of this idea can be traced back to Late Antique philosophy, see, for instance, Plotinus, Enn. There is no ruler in it but Him; nothing is allowed to pass in it without His permission.

This may echo the definitions of One in theological and philosophical literature, which insist on the fact that His being one is unlike any other one, and in particular, that his oneness is simple and not composite. The purpose masarta this type of contemplation, beyond recognizing the Creator, is also the recognition of the universal chain of being.

Ibn Masarra

Ashgate Variorum,pp. This hierarchy is reflected in the way human society is organized. It is assumed that he had to leave al-Andalus due to being denounced there for religious subversion. Lon- don,pp.

It is a world governed by a generous and wise Creator, who rules over creation and its inhabitants with their masqrra in view, in both this world and in the hereafter.