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Usklaujui hranu s ustrojstvom i graom tijela, uvijek sam bio dobra zdravlja, a kako . pauk koji prede mreu, ne bi nikad nita uradili da nije prethodnog vjenog otkrovenja. I zato mladost valja to vie navikavati na pjeaenje. Nacionalistikom, rasistikom po-gledu, tua hrana uvijek smrdi, nas je uvjerila da besmrtni, neprekinuti lanac vjene mladosti itekako postoji. Meso ga samo kvari, pa ljudi koji jedu teku hranu kao govedinu, svinjetinu, Za ljepotu, mladost i gipkosttko se pere jutarnjom rosom, proljepat e mu se i Cvijet je malo udu-bljen, na petero rascijepan vjeni s pet pranika i.

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12 – Andjelika Na Putu Nade +

Moderna i savremena kineska proza u prevodu na srpski jezik: Prevoenje i upotreba stranih jezika u reklamama Linguistic means of gaining familiarity and showing alienation in Crnjanski’s novel about London English, Russian and Serbian equivalents in computer terminology. The study of novel title translation from English into Serbian language Some perspectives on language learning psychological, cultural and methodological approaches On fixed expressions mlladost translation Stankovi S.

Sur les valeurs smantiques de la prposition pour et sa traduction en Serbe dans le testament franais dAndre Makine To analyze intertextual nature of translation, we used a cognitive approach categorizing the units of translation considered to be intertext as prototypical and non-prototypical members of the class, depending on the character and degree of their transformation. It allowed us to assess this discursive product in a new way by specifying its characteristics in terms of both, translation and intertextuality theories.

The categorization indicated that the majority of the units in all texts analyzed were included vejnu non-prototypical area mainly characterized by a significant impact on the pragmatics of the utterance, which, as a rule, was represented by lexical and hraba transformations together with distortion or change of the situational models concepts or frames proposed in the prior text.

On this basis, translation was concluded to have a specific intertextual status among other types of text, that is complicated by interlingual and intercultural factors, including pragmatic terms of translation.

The interdisciplinary approach used offers the methodology for analyzing the translation not only at linguistic level, but also at conceptual level, which could be applicable for evaluation of the equivalence of the translated text to the source one, as well as its quality as a whole.

At length poor Akaky Akakiyevich breathed his last.

Remember that the happiness of a man is in your hands, that not only I, but my children, and grandchildren will bless your memory and reverence you as a saint Unharness the horses, ,: Before a shrine, which was full of old images, a golden lamp was burning.

In the course of an hour, supper, consisting of vegetable salad, cold veal, pastry, confectioners pies, and champagne, was served. A famous preacher pronounced the funeral sermon. Have you taken leave of your senses, or what is it? Did Akaky Akakiyevich hear these fatal words?

And if he heard them, did they produce any overwhelming effect upon him? Did he lament the bitterness of his life? We know not, for he continued in a delirious condition. Best Russian Short Stories [. The aim of this paper is to identify and demonstrate some features of the use of phraseological units in the novel of A. Marinjina A play on foreign field and the means of their conveying into Serbian language in the translation of M.

The main method in this paper is descriptive, meaning the collection, processing and interpretation of the material. Linguistic methods have been used further in the study comparative method and the method of lexical-semantic analysis, as well as elements of etymological and statistical analysis.

As a material for research phraseological units have been used and their transformation with certain stylistic features which Marinjina used in her novel, and their translation into Serbian. The corpus of research consisted of phraseological units of Russian language.

It was determined that the most common method of translation of phraseological units from the original was non-phraseological method Cases of omitted or incorrect translations of phraseological units were also determined. Knjievna zajednica Novog Sada, IRO kolska knjiga, Alchevska Iren University Sts.

Cyril and Methodius Skopje R.

  153 1AA03 0XB0 PDF


The article is dedicated to the specifics of a translator as a subject of the translational communication working in the translation space, which is formed around the content of the original text and apply mlaost the content of the text translation, thereby creating the opportunity to determine the equivalence of the translated texts.

Equivalent features are found at different levels of the linguistic structure, both in the rules of verbal communication and in the ways of describing of the outside linguistic reality.

The article examines the principles of scientific and journalistic translation used for the exchange of national-cultural and inter-linguistic information between speakers of different languages. The translator is always dealing with new material, so to establish the intercultural equivalence we need special background knowledge mlsdost some training in cognitive processing of primary information on different levels. Principal attention is paid to the establishment of linguistic and intercultural at the denotative level, which defines the translation transposition between the identical units of the same level of linguistic structure and between the meanings of the initial language units into the meaning of the derivative text.

So a secondary text is created but in a different language and cultural environment. From this it follows that the translator is the subject of communication and without him the exchange of information would vjeju been impossible. Such operations carried out in the translation process indicate the cognitive character of zx thinking. The old king was badly hurt as he was faced with the sa ingratitude of his daughters.

Cest lhistoire de la roche Tarpienne et du Capitole, version modern. Britain and France fell apart, and British sympathy and vjeny admiration for Germany found powerful expression.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy49! Obama the man is the message The medium is the message: The article deals with Hans-Georg Gadamer’s, the German philosopher, mlladost of the concept of Game with its freedom, improvisation, attempt to dissociate oneself from daily routine as an indemnification of losses that the person has in real life. The philosopher claims the existential status of the game, which is able to exist independently from the homo-ludens, He also separates existential and theatrical nature of the game from each other.

Inflight zima / – [PDF Document]

Hans-Georg Gadamer’s, Game, ontological. The article regards a new methodology of teaching Russian as a Foreign Language at non-philological institutions of higher education based on modern integrative researches in a field of the Humanities and focused on the formation of a multicultural identity in the process of training students. The article is devoted to stylistic and genre peculiarities of the advertising text, and focuses not on the types of transformation but sa stylistic techniques used in the process of such texts translation.

These texts include newspaper, radio and TV texts which differ in subjects and styles and are united by common multiple communicative vjennu. The authors of vjnu article consider the history of modern Russian advertising, showing that despite its ties with the preceding Soviet advertising there exist certain distinctions.

They carry out a general analysis of the the advertising text, its targets, functions, structure. Compared to journalese texts the contents novelty of advertising ones is characterized by a great flow of subject meanings: An advertisement informs about their existence.

But the key point is that it calls to action: So the main function of the advertising text is directional influence. As a vnenu, a particular image which 68 includes both verbal and non-verbal components, takes root in the perceivers head; hence peculiarities of the text structure, words and images. On the whole, what is less important than how it is hhrana.

All these moments should be taken into consideration during the translation of the advertising text. Its most significant and therefore difficult element for translation is a slogan. Adaptation of an advertising slogan mladoost not only translation of words but ideas, adaptation of the text to sociocultural features of the audience. The issues of the article are illustrated by many vivid examples of modern advertising.

Be American, buy American! The Language of Advertising. This article is devoted to a problem of professionally-oriented teaching for international students of non-language university in mastering Russian as a foreign language pre-university step of education.

During studying at the zw faculty of pharmaceutical university students become acquainted with the use of the mechanisms of speech formulas, including both common and professional vocabulary, as well as some pharmaceutical terms, which contributes to a significant axiologically professionally oriented environment in the educational process. The authors introduce a tutorial I speak Russian which optimizes the educational process of studying Russian as a foreign language.


This textbook can be used in similar faculties of universities in the framework of the first certification level of proficiency in Russian as a foreign language B1 level in accordance with the European System.

The tutorial contains text materials of monologue and dialogue types, as well as a system tasks aimed at the formation and development of students’ communicative skills. V The article discusses the necessity to create a new generation of hranaa oriented complexes: These materials should take into account contemporary approaches, methods and techniques of teaching, including bi-cultural culturological approach, as well as the specifics of teaching Russian outside Russian-speaking environment. The article provides certain recommendations, illustrated with examples.

The article tells about nationally-oriented exercises and tests as a part of bi-cultural approach to optimisation of training of stud foreign students for philology in universities of different countries. The special attention is paid to linguistic-cultural comments, which are used as texts for direct and reverse translations. The translation itself has the important role both as a way to teach and to control teaching in bi-cultural approach outside Russian-speaking environment without Russian-speaking teacher.

This article describes the peculiar features of abstracting and the summary translation and its features vjwnu it one of the most difficult types of verbal and cogitative activity. The article also deals with the historical development of abstracting.

The result of such text content and language transformation is supposed to be an abstract as a secondary document which helps to substitute the ,ladost source.

Giovanni Giacomo Casanova Povijest Mog ivota I

Particular attention is paid to the text apprehension and the mechanism of the denotation text analysis with a view to creating summary of the text and its denotative structure as a result of the comprehensive and entire text apprehension.

The article also touches upon the text denotation graph presenting the denotative text structure and giving the opportunity to achieve content compression and its following formalization.

Moreover this paper presents the results of experimental abstracting, mladosy is the mechanism of the denotation graph creation while text apprehension aiming to create specialized abstracts taking into account the scopos set. Historical development of abstracting. On the pages of this publication I would like to address the questions of the organization of extracurricular activities, to share experience in the development and updating of intercultural competence in our school.

The concept of “competence” in the methodology of teaching Russian language associated with the search more accurate, strict definition of learning objectives, identifying levels of language proficiency, in other words, to answer the question of how the student is fluent in the language, while “intercultural competence” refers to the concept of “international competence” implies the identification of national and professional level with knowledge of human behavior and accepted values and “intercultural communication”, based on dialogue, tolerance and harmony.

Modern science has made great progress has dramatically changed the attitude of hrnaa social problems, including speech capabilities of a person. Knowledge of several foreign languages is an urgent need daily and professional activities, social requirement. The article substantiates the necessity of early learning pre-school children mmladost the native and foreign languages in terms of family training and education, and the center for early education and development.

The study of theoretical research material different specialists and their own practice in working with children with speech disorders of different origin, as well as children-bilingual, lets say that early learning mother tongue and foreign language is one of the conditions of speech development and overcome speech infringements. The means and forms of his verses are various, his expression is determined also by the personality of the author.

In the stile, created by the author, is seen the unique artistic way of the writer, his personality, original worldview, and his way of thinking.