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Title & Document Type: A Noise Generator Operating and Service Manual This manual may contain references to HP or Hewlett-Packard. Please note. Buy A – HP A HP Agilent A Random Noise Pattern Generator Binary Gaussian: Laptop Replacement Parts – ✓ FREE DELIVERY . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hewlett Packard HP A Noise Generator [Misc.] at Read honest and unbiased product.

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International Bureau of Time. Coaxial couplers with flattened response and high directivity facilitate swept-type measurements of several kinds, by Robert Prickett. Near, pg [Author: Pseudo-random noise is faster, more accurate, and more versatile than random noise in most measurement situations, pg Donaldson, pg 9 [Author: A review of hhp important systems for measuring the impedance of devices and circuits, by Charles G.

Gorss, pg [Author: An advanced instrument that generates precise, high-resolution dc voltages for calibration work is also a precision differential dc voltmeter with a constant and very high input impedance, by Gp E.

HP 37722a technician is preparing to make the neck seal of the gun to the envelope of the Model A large-screen CRT. Swiontek, pg Authors: Henshaw, Keith McMahan, pg 8. Two new instruments designed to measure impedance magnitude and phase 322a quickly and easily over a broad frequency range, by Gerald J. Ohme, pg [Author: Moss II, pg Keiter, pg 16 February v. Problems of interconnection, programming and environment arise in the design of systems containing both computers and instruments.

Measuring the subjective sensation of loudness is easy if you have one of these 3722q electronic ears, by Heinz Blasser, Helmut Finckh, pg Kohl, pg [Author: An easy-to-use dc differential voltmeter measures dc voltages from 33722a to volts with a resolution of 0. Pen acceleration has been made compatible with high slewing speed by use of a direct-coupled servo amplifier and a miniature high-torque dc motor, by Otto S. Cross, pg [Author: Many techniques are available to calibrate ac instruments, but the venerable thermal transfer method is still the best for…, by Fred L.


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Horizontal Plug-Ins, pg 5. A new phase-lock synchronous detector enables this ac microvoltmeter to lock on to signals obscured by noise, by Raymond C. Paul Hubbs, pg Counter Plug-ins, pg 4. Decreased noise and wider bandwidth are direct benefits of this approach, by Gerald L. Digital Voltage Sources at Work, pg [Author: Units Ambiguity Noted, by Chester H.

Oliver, pg 20 October v. This sophisticated 37222a lets an electronic counter measure microwave frequencies while retained the accuracy and simplicity of the counter, by Robert L. A small-size portable oscilloscope with negligible trace drift and using plug-ins has been designed as the keystone of a complete oscilloscope system, by Floyd G.

A voltmeter operating on the principle of incoherent sampling measures over wide frequency and voltage ranges while providing an output usable for signal analysis, by Fred W. They are solved in advance by this new integrated-circuit computer, by Kay B.

Transform Methods for Linear System. A fully-portable laboratory instrument is useful from 1 hertz to 4 megahertz at levels to below 1 millivolt, by James M.

Siegal, pg [Authors: Semi-automated thin-film techniques yield attenuators that are exceptionally precise and wideband dc to 18 GHzyet so economical that they can 33722a be used even in non-critical applications, by Stephen F. What is Signal Averaging? A new generator produces sine, square, and triangular signals as low as 0.


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The data illustrates the magnitude of the noise parameters and their variation with operating point, by Rolly Hassun, Michael C. An Introduction and Progress Report. Two new IC counters are described, by John W. Van Duzer, pg An important new swept-frequency technique 3722x quick and accurate measurements of SWR in coaxial systems up to 18 GHz, by Stephen J. Effective noise abatement calls for instruments that can measure loudness. Cross, pg 8 Integrated-Circuit Counters.

Agilent / HP 3722A Noise Generator

New step-and-repeat camera using the laser interferometer method of controlling mechanical positioning to high orders of accuracy. Some factors that define the noise characteristics of junction transistors have been investigated and are presented here in graphic form.

Ingman, pg 20 NIM Bin, pg Freedom from dc drift overcomes one of the most troublesome effects in making oscilloscope measurements of transducer output and other small signals, by James R. Testing with Pseudo-Random and Ph Noise.

With absolute amplitude calibration and unique ease of use, this 1 kHz-to MHz spectrum analyzer may be the beginning of 372a2 new era in spectrum analysis, by Brian D. Nuclear Instrument Modules, B. Pace, pg 14 Correction: