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Tiroid bezi hastalıkları ve belirtileri

Results of 1 Center. To assess the rate of thyroid carcinoma and micropapillary carcinoma patients managed by thyroidectomy in our center, and to investigate the value of preoperative investigations for diagnosing thyroid carcinoma and papillary microcarcinoma. A retrospective study was performed on patients who had undergone a thyroidectomy.

Age, sex, diagnosis, scintigraphy results, fine needle aspiration biopsy FNAB results, frozen section results, surgery type, and pathology results of the patients were retrospectively reviewed. Also, tumor histopathology, multicentricity, and multifocality were reviewed in patients with a malignancy.


The sex distribution was The mean age at the time of surgery was Indications for surgery were malignancy diagnosed by FNAB, hyperthyroidism, compression symptoms, and cosmetic reasons.

Preoperatively, malignancy or suspicion of malignancy was established in patients Postoperatively, a malignancy was confirmed by pathological investigation in 67 patients A malignancy was not found in patients with Graves disease without a nodule and a toxic nodular goiter. A fine needle aspiration biopsy proved suspicious in 16 patients, and a malignancy was found in another patient with a papillary microcarcinoma.

Tiroid ve Paratiroid Bezi Hastalıkları by sema gürler on Prezi

Frozen investigations diagnosed a malignancy in only 1 patient with a papillary microcarcinoma. In carcinoma patients with tumors larger than 1 cm in diameter, FNAB proved suspicious in 22 patients, found a malignancy in 10 patients, and proved benign in 2 patients.

In the patients with tumors larger than 1 cm in diameter, belirhileri investigations found a carcinoma in 13 patients.

An FNAB and a frozen section were favorable in the patients with thyroid carcinoma.


Substernal Tiroid Biyopsi Endobronşiyal ultrason eşliğinde transbronşiyal Boßaltma kullanma

On the other hand, in patients with a papillary microcarcinoma, preoperative and peroperative investigations were not helpful in diagnosing malignancy. Papillary carcinoma belritileri found in There was no difference between multicentricity and hipertirpidi of the tumor in persons with thyroid carcinoma and papillary microcarcinoma.

In this series, because patients with papillary microcarcinoma and thyroid carcinoma appeared similar, we believe that a FNAB should be performed in nodules smaller than 1 cm in diameter.

On the other hand, because of the high incidence of papillary microcarcinoma, we believe that instead of a subtotal lobectomy, a total, or near-total lobectomy should be performed.

Thyroid carcinoma, papillary microcarcinoma, fine needle aspiration biopsy, frozen examination, cancer incidence.

Results of 1 Center Objective: