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Together we will be reading “High-Jinks: Shoot Out.” As a piece of journalism, it is entertaining. It tells a good story. But it also reveals some real moral dilemmas. the same bit of evidence can often be spun so that it makes opposite points. Let’s take a look at how this is done by going back to. “High Jinks: Shoot Out.”. In the passage High Jinks Shoot- Out by: Guy Martin, a boy named Cohen was stalked by seniors that attend St. Ann’s in Brooklyn Heights.

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Have you ever thought if role-playing games with simulated violence were not bad or perilous? Next Post Next Waste Management. Think about the ramification that this abusive game will bring to the kids and the future of this entire world.

Therefor role-playing games with simulated violence are perilous for kids. I know that what all parents want to see is that their kids are having fun and be interactive with others when they play games.

Well people have said that life now-a-days has gotten more dangerous, and that these kids need to learn how to protect themselves. Your email address will not be published. Works Cited Martin, Guy. In the end these games with simulated violence is perilous for kids because it puts a bad influence on them. Do kids know the consequence of killing people?

Our world would be doomed, and full of violence.

Shootojt game was called High School Assassination Game. This reflects that these perilous games are instructing the kids to use pistols to put others to death and influence them that violence and killing people is acceptable for their society.


This game can put a very bad influence on these teenagers. These imprudent games are establishing players position and offered the duty for them to assassinate other players in a way to gain victory. However I should tell you the truth, these violent games are actually a bad influence on kids. Let think about this deeper!

How ever a young kid doesn’t need to be shooting people, robbing places, or knowing how to kill someone or something! These kind of games are narrating them that violence and murdering people are allowed for them to commit. Morgan is the kind of girl that believes she was born to be who she is, and to not to be someone who she is not.

The New Yorker, 22 Mar. Are those people got any some sort of dangerous weapon or they just playing a game?

Should this kid be learning how to sneak gun at a really young age? So we need this violent game thing to not go so far. Role-playing game with simulated violence could really cause a negative impact in the community and that is leading to further brutality. For every 30, dollars spent on games there have been a range about 10, murders a year.

Well have you ever wondered what would happen in this world if every kids though it was okay to do this? Many articles have been published about this topic, arguing about whether or not these games are perilous or nonperlious.

Thoughts From Room Violent GamesViolent or Not

Louis MO being an only child. She lives in St. Some kids may believe that this is okay to do because they cannot draw lines between fiction and reality.


However, this is just a small part of the game but the big picture of this game is still involved with violence that makes them become aggressive.

Argument Essay

Have you ever wondered about what will happen if we keep selling so many violent games? Many people believe that these dangerous hinks are great for these kids! They might threaten you or could conduct to further violence like killing.

Posted by Kother Al-Waeli at 8: Newer Post Older Post Home. We all should be aware of how treacherous those pistols are. Also in paragraph 4 Martin talks about that there have been 18 squads have signed up to attend this violent game. Can role-playing game revolutionize young teens into new creatures?

I this article the author also says some things that make this game sound extremely violent. Imagine watching your kids using guns but not a real one, in a purpose of killing somebody intensively, how do you feel about that? Just like I said many times before, this can make kids believe that this is okay to do, because they can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality.

This could eventually lead a great precarious to their community and affect their own future as well. Start to think about it now!