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Each HDMI Specification revision has a “revision history” section located near the . Many people are worried, when buying HDMI cable, about the spec version of the cable in question. Is it the latest spec version? Will it support. Needed this cable to connect my HP Envy laptop to my flat screen HD TV so I can watch recorded shows on a secondary TV elsewhere in the house or on trips.

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It’s important to bear this in mind. Retrieved January 30, Needless to say, the quality and amplitude of the signal coming out of the cable is dependent on the quality and amplitude of the signal that goes into the cable.

Views Read Edit View history. In spec versions 1.

Knowledge Base

The other substantial change which came about in the 1. Retrieved July 29, Additionally, however, some references to specs are not to the principal HDMI spec document, but to the “Compliance Testing Specification” document, and there have been six specificayion of that document. Each HDMI Specification revision has a “revision history” section located near the beginning of the document.

Retrieved January 4, But while there is no “1.


What Do HDMI Spec Versions (, , a, etc) Mean For Cable Choice? | Audioholics

Retrieved October 29, Likely, based on what we have seen, none. Archived from the original on August 22, If all of the noncompliant cables that are sold actually failed to work in-use, there would be an awful lot of complaining going on about cable quality. Archived from the original on November 10, Retrieved January 5, There is some room for confusion here, and unfortunately, HDMI cable vendors are often just as confused as everyone else–it’s common to see cable labeled “1.

Retrieved 14 April Specificatoon to top Q.

Mini-HDMI to HDMI Specification a Cable – 3 Feet

Archived from the original on June 30, HDCP offers content protection for the link between devices; not generally for inside a device. At the beginning of the document, there is a section called “Revision History. Tony Northrup’s Photography Buying Guide: Retrieved April 8, Each channel transmits one bit binary digit per signal, and signals at ten times the character rate.

For example, if a cable or IC is sold to an Adopter who then includes it in a television subject to a royalty, then the cable or IC maker would not pay a royalty, and the television manufacturer would pay the royalty on the final product.


Audio and video connectors. But how many are compliant?

For digital audio, if an HDMI device has audio, it is required to implement the baseline format: HDCP is typically used in bdmi where copyrighted or protected content is delivered from one device to another.

The following provides an overview of major functionality added to each version of the HDMI Specification:. Audiovisual connectors Audiovisual introductions in Computer connectors Computer display standards Digital display connectors Film and video technology High-definition television Japanese inventions Television technology Television terminology Television transmission standards Video signal.

Retrieved January 2, Pixels per frame includes blanking intervals as defined specificafion CVT-R2. KG Samsung Electronics Co. As of the HDMI 1. So, What Has Changed? The annual fee is due upon the execution of the Adopter Agreement, and must be paid on the anniversary of this date each year thereafter. What Are The Spec Versions?

Sprcification of Home Theater and High Fidelity.

Archived from the original on November 7, Retrieved 31 January Retrieved May 23, Pioneer Corporation Qualcomm, Inc. MegaChips Technology America Corp.

Retrieved June 24,