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Music composed by G. F. Handel. Libretto by Charles Jennens, based on 1 Samuel. First Performance: 16 January , King’s/Queen’s. Handel’s first English oratorio, in , was Esther, with a libretto based on Racine, Saul. In July the cancellation of the intended opera season was. Handel Saul Atto 1 Libretto – Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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In Age no Diminution know. Hast thou obey’d my Orders, and destroy’d. By Prophets or by Dreams: Am I then sunk so low. How shall I reconcile you? However the Bishop of London would not permit a drama based on a Biblical story to be acted out on the stage, and therefore Handel presented Esther in concert form, thus giving birth to the English oratorio.

Libretto by Ranieri de’ Calzabigi. Saul summons David to court again as both Michal and Merab express their faith that God will protect David. Superior in the Fight oppose. Your words, O King, my Loyal Heart. That they hanndel dead? Chorus of Israelites “Welcome, welcome, mighty king!

HANDEL Saul – libretto

I met with Saul, just fallen upon his Spear. To whose indulgent Care. Accompagnato Jonathan “O filial piety! Merab aside Libetto mean Alliance! Welcome David, warlike boy, Author of our present Joy!


Samuel Hath God forsaken thee? Accompagnato Saul “‘Tis said, here lives a woman” It would not grieve me much: Saul asks David to remain with him and to marry Merab. Ten thousand praises are his due! Send, fetch him hither; for the Wretch must die. Doeg I seek for David; and am sent by Saul.

Thy Father is as cruel, and as false. While Messiah may be exceptional in its ambitious subject, most treat narratives derived from the Old Testament, well characterized by the composer’s own descriptive title of them as sacred dramas.

For ev’ry pious Israelite. Wretch that I am! Tragedia in five acts. Despair and Rage at once are gone.

The printed libretto of Saul from credits the Davideis as the source of the contemptuous treatment of David by Princess Merab. On this Account no Mischief shall befall thee. With wild Distraction on my Friend he stares.

In history, the eleventh-century Saul was the first King of Israel and conquered the Philistines, Ammonites and Amalekites. Who, that sees, can Love forbear?

No Fear my Soul can move. How nobly didst thou die. While Handel’s work in Italian opera continued, with a final opera to be staged inhe increasingly turned his attention to a new English form, that of the oratorio.


Opera Today

My Sister Merab, by his own Gift thy Right. Bid him return, and void of Fear. Nor drew Great Saul his Sword in vain. Recitative Michal “A father’s will has authorized my love” Scene the Third Saul and Jonathan. By ev’ry Wind of Passion toss’d!

Saul I wou’d, that by thy Art thou bring me up the Man whom I shall name. Air David “Your words, O King” Capricious Man, in Humour lost.

Go on, be prosperous in Fight. See, the murd’rous Band comes on! Thinkst thou, I do not know, that thou hast chose. Dramma per musica in two acts. Saul’s furious Look, as he departed hence, Libbretto plainly shew’d the Tempest of his Soul.

To Day he seeks my Life. Jennens provided a text with well-rounded characters and dramatic effects. Already see the Daughters of the Land. Chorus “Preserve him for the glory of Thy name” Act Two