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The information in this manual is subject to change without notice. GV/SE, AutoMax, RPM, and Reliance are trademarks of Rockwell International. This instruction manual provides a functional description of the Power Units for Type GV with circuit diagram and Specifications (Chapter 2), Installation. Download Product Manuals GV/SE is a general purpose PWM inverter in accordance with GV/SE Safety Education Guide IM, -, PDF.

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UL Class J, V, time delay, or equivalent. If the application requires the use of bv3000 contactors, contact Reliance Electric for assistance. Page 15 mm length: Page AC input power leads to the terminals at the top of the filter.

Reliance Electric GV Manuals

Determining Wire Size Requirements When total lead length exceeds 76 meters feetnuisance trips can occur caused by capacitive current flow to ground.

Page 4 Technical Specifications Page 87 – Figure 9. Mounting The Drive Use grommets, when hubs are not provided, to guard against wire chafing. Connection Component is OK if resistance R is: No other type of mounting is permitted.


Reliance electric GV3000 Manuals

Apply power to the drive. Replacing Conduit Plugs When adding more than one grounding conductor wire to a single chassis ground, twist the conductors together. Page 42 – Table 3. The coaxial cable must be run in continuous, rigid, conductive conduit.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Screen pigtails are not permitted.

Identification of the protective conductor Warning signs and item identification Chapter 5 Installing Input Power Wiring Intended for general-purpose indoor applications. Page 40 – Table 3. Recommended Serial Communication Cable Lengths 3. Installing Output Contactors optional Drive Alarms And Faults Page 23 – Figure 2.


This manual is intended for qualified electrical personnel. Page 68 – Figure 7.

Reliance Electric GV3000 Instructions Manual

On HP drives, close the outer cabinet door. Recommended Control And Signal Wire Sizes To reduce line disturbances and noise, motor lead length should not exceed 76 meters feet for any non-Reliance Electric motor or any non-inverter duty motor.


Conduit Entry Opening Sizes Table of contents Table Of Contents Chapter 3 Planning Before Installing 3. Recommended Power Wire Sizes Page 89 vv3000 Table 9.

Jumper Locations And Settings HAPTER Completing the Installation This chapter provides instructions on how to perform a final check of the installation before power is applied to the gv300. Changing Blower Transformer Taps Note that depending on the setting of parameter P. The HP Regulator board provides a signal for use by an optional snubber resistor braking kit for HP drives. Operator Interface Module Connector Page 51 – Figure 4. Recommended Serial Communication Cable Lengths A maintained function loss switch should be used if P.

The numbered items listed below nanual to the numbers used in figures 2. Page 94 – Table 9. Tighten the three-phase AC output power terminals to the proper torque according to drive type as shown in table 5.

Replacing Conduit Plugs