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File: Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO) standard operating procedures (SOP) for Camp Delta (Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo Standard Operating Procedure. Facebook · Twitter · Reddit · Email · Print · Download Legal Document · DHS: Stop Harassing Airport Travelers Like. The official website for the Joint Task Force Guantanamo.

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Sip specialise in strategic global publishing and large archives. The following is the address of our secure site where you can anonymously upload your documents to WikiLeaks editors.

Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedure – WikiLeaks

You can only access this submissions system through Tor. See gtimo Tor tab for more information. We also advise you to read our tips for sources before submitting. If you cannot use Tor, or your submission is very large, or you have specific requirements, WikiLeaks provides several alternative methods. Contact us to discuss how to proceed. Tuesday December 3, The transparency group’s disclosure follows its widely reported release of the SOP manual only a few weeks ago.

Wikileaks has also released another related sensitive US military manual entitled ” Detainee Operations in a Joint Environment “, which is a defense-wide instruction manual for detainee operations including rendition flights, which has yet to be analyzed gtmo Wikileaks invites journalists and the public to persue it.

Among the key details found so far are:. Systematic denial of Red Cross access to prisoners ssop.

The use of dogs remains. Segregation and isolation are still used routinely and systematically — including an initial period of at least 4 weeks “to enhance and exploit the disorientation and disorganization felt by a newly arrived detainee”, only terminated at the behest of interrogators.

Both manuals assert that detainees will skp treated in accordance with the “spirit” of the Geneva conventions “to the degree consistent with military needs”, but never assert that the conventions are actually being followed at Guantanamo.

Put into practice, neither manual complies with the Geneva conventions. No dictionaries or periodicals and no books about English or geography; guards are not permitted to discuss “current” affairs, even including the then year old space shuttle disaster; and no looking at ‘distinguished visitors’ — down to precise procedures for bodily averting detainee gaze.

Despite criticism from the Red Cross, the manual uses even more hostile and suspicious language towards the international humanitarian body — and is still barred from access to some detainees. Further, probably in response to the actions of James Yee, the prison chaplain who spoke out about conditions at Guantanamo Bay, new rules prevent the chaplain performing many duties without official authorization or accompaniment. Many rule changes have little other explanation than as response to particular abuses, raising questions for the Pentagon.

Did guards use Capsicum Spray on detainees merely for throwing water? Did guards eat portions of detainee meals? Were haircuts used as punishment? The extent and detail of these changes reveals the extent of problems zop detainees — and also, the extent to which the military went to cover them up.

Pervasive spin via language control ‘hunger strike’ becomes VTF – ‘voluntary total fasting’. Much of the manual is unchanged. Military dogs are still used prevalently. New detainees are still placed in isolation for 4 weeks.

Styrofoam cups zop still confiscated if written on. Thanks to Jen Nessel from the Center for Constitutional Rights for additional co-ordination and Christopher Findlay for additional research, but most of girmo we would like to acknowledge our source, Sol. The rules set out a doctrine of rewards and punishments. They ban, among other things, “organized physical fitness”.


The general tone is given by the concluding line: In US Personnel standards of conductlist of contraband items for personnel i. Whistles, if clipped on a guard pocket, must now be clipped to the left pocket. New sections – Before leaving, detainees are given items including prayer beads, prayer cap, Koran, book, bag, jeans, klenex, wet wipes, comb. In addition two PSYOP psychological operations messages are to be broadcast about the detainee and a feast prepared for departing detainees in camp 4.

Some change to section Behavior management plan. For phase 1 first 2 weeksstill no ICRC or chaplain contact, no books or mail, one styorofoam cup, one bar of soap, etc. Now they get Koran, but still no prayer beads or prayer cap. After phase 2 second 2-week periodthe interrogator will give them prayer beads and prayer cap.

Submit documents to WikiLeaks

Section on Capsicum Spray wasnow New section on video camera operations, guidelines for filming incidentsawhich includes the rather incredible statement “Think like an editor as you shoot! Let technique master technology; don’t let technology become your master.

The best equipment in the world will never replace creativity and reasoning”, apparently taken from http: New section on Quick Giymo Force training. Drills now to take place at least once per every eight hour shift.

New sections in overview No items to be left within reach of a cell. Headcounts more often. Previously a random headcount in every 2-hour shift. Now a headcount at the start of every gjtmo, and an additional 3 random headcounts throughout the shift, max 3 hours apart. Search section expanded. Not allowed to touch detainee between waist and bottom of shorts.

Officer can request cavity search. Addition in searching the Koran.

If Koran damaged or destroyed by a detainee, the chaplain and interpreter will take the Koran from the detainee for at least 10 days. Shower and exercise policy changed. Previously 20 minutes recreation, 2 times a week, and level gutmo detainees get 3 times a week.

Now level 1 detainees get 30 minutes for exercise. Clarify that 5 minute shower time cannot be substituted for additional recreation time. Now level 1 detainees exercise together in pairs. Detainee mess operations expanded.

Section on handling of intelligence directed reading material whose library ID begins with “I” f deleted. Addition to guidelines for passive intelligence gimto by guards Addition to detainee standards of conduct Once dry, they must be removed.

Blankets or sheets may be temporarily hung up, no higher than half way up the cell walls, to provide privacy while using the toilet. Once the detainee has completed using the toilet, the blankets and sheets must be taken down. Edits to uniform an dress rules for detainees Detainees in camps 1, 2, 3 may now remove orange suit top while in cell or exercise.

From December-March, window flaps put up Added paragraph 1 flikely in response to smuggling by DoD personnel “All classified document pouches will sopp checked by feeling the bag for prohibited items.