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Dear SAP CIN Experts,Good day. From my understanding, TR6 Challans are also used for Fees, Fines & Forfeiture duties charges. These charges are as set. Indicate appropriate type of duty and 8 digit. Reduced accounting code of the product/. Commodity). Description of 8-digit accounting. Duty code. Amount. Can any body tell me full form of GAR 7 like G for A for R for 7 for – G A R – 7 Full present with it challan (in duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate as specified by.

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If unresolved, the same may be brought to the knowledge of the Range Officer or a complaint can be lodged with aces. It is the proof of payment. Input tax credit should be allowed for motor car to all when used in f Click here Kind attention Pr.

What should I do? My Range Officer says that the amount is not tallying with the data uploaded by Banks. The bank has to necessarily give CIN for the payment made by you.

CIN is the combination of: The banks, if they wish can give a printout of the entire details captured by them. How to open an LC? chaloan

It is very important to fill up the location code properly for correct accounting of the tax paid. Before accepting payments, it should be ensured that the tax payer has filled in all the columns provided in the Challan particularly the information which is mandatory ie.


From January 22, onwards, it was mandatory for all assesses to quote their assessee code in the GAR-7 challan at the time of payment of excise duty or excise duty in the authorized bank branches. The first two of which represent the Commissionerate, the second two digits represent the Division under that Commissionerate and the last two digits represent the Range under the Division.

The feature to search on the assessee code is chalan in the website. Clarification on certain issues sale by government departments to unr Types of Export Containers.

Learning from judgment of Madras High Court in case of M.

TR6/GAR7 Challan Charges for “Other Receipt”

The computerized printout should necessarily have the following information: The Range Officer may then be given a copy of such certificate, with a request to reconcile the matter with concerned PAO.

This link is also provided on ACES website, viz. Assessee code is present in the directory. The information provided here is cgallan of Export Import Training online.

The Receiving Bank Branch Stamp should contain the following: What is Bank Guarantee to customs in Import What happens, if Bank not received money from buyer chalkan discounting of export bills?


Duties challxn Textile 22 Cess on Tobacco 6 Addl. However, the bank is refusing to accept my payment stating the assessee code is not present in the bank master. When can an exporter release bill of lading from shipping company?

TR6/GAR7 Challan Charges for “Other Receipt”

A Seal of the Focal Point branch should be affixed in the space provided on the Challan along with signature of the authorised Signatory. The total amount tendered should tally with the sum total of amounts for each accounting code. The words “Taxpayer’s counterfoil” appearing in the GAR 7 challan would be substituted by the word “Counterfoil”.

Whom should I contact? Who gets benefits from this website? Correction of challan in case of e-payment is not possible. Use separate challan for payment of different taxes.

Location Code is a six digit code representing the precise jurisdiction of the Central Excise or Service Tax formation under which a particular challann falls.

In case this has not been allotted, mention acrordingly in the column provided for the Assessee Code.