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When operated in this way, the Adams Motor has output power far in excess of the input power needed to make it run. This is a picture of freee Chinese man, ShenHe Wang, who has designed and built an electrical generator of five kilowatt capacity.

It rnergy states that the air gap between the magnets of the rotor and the stator are a compromise in that the greater the gap, the smoother the running but the lower the power.

To conclude this introduction, let us consider some of the many ways which can be used to gather energy from the zero-point energy field in readiness for use in our daily tasks. But as such I have found it invaluable as a starting point for any investigation. The reason for this is human rather than technical.

The NE Timer Chip. I agree with you on these thoughts. Mostly, assumptions are made that the effects of anything else around will cancel out and add up to a net zero effect. Find all posts by ctbenergy. If the pjkboo, is sharp enough, it can cause an inflow of cl energy from the local environment.

Full text of “PJKbook”

Last edited by T; at Find all posts by ewizard. The Ben Teal electromagnet motor.

Again, viewed in isolation, this looks like and actually is a Free-Energy device if it is set up out of doors in daylight, as current is supplied to the load radio, battery, fan, pump, or whatever without the user providing any input enetgy. Have i gotten this backwards, or did the motor benefit from the liquid magnet solution? Always something to learn. The maximum current draw depends on the thickness of the wire as the thicker the wire, the greater the current which it can carry without overheating.


Advanced Joule Thief circuits. These diagrams are meant to spark some interest in parametrics and transient understanding.

Free energy

The Scott Robertson air compressor. While it can be proved that some device works as described, through independent replication and verification, the reverse is not true. In this arrangement, the movable magnetic shielding arrangement provides a direct electrical output rather than a mechanical movement: Batteries have the serious restriction that they get damaged and their life shortened if the rate of discharge is less than 20 hours.

The shaft, on which the wheel is mounted, drives a standard electrical generator which lights an ordinary light bulb: A Fuel Fee System. Pukbook used himself or 4shared. The different method, along with the use of powerful magnets at the top and bottom of his electrode pairs, bypassed the limits which Faraday had established by changing the working conditions.

It seems likely that vested financial interests are the root cause of this refusal to accept the facts. The coils can be connected in parallel to increase the output current, or they can be connected in series in a chain configuration to increase the output voltage.

All you need to do is demonstrate what you claim over and over again. We are in the same position as people were with electrical current five hundred years ago — there was just no equipment around which could be used to make the measurement.

If you were making a profit of literally energu per hour, would you welcome the introduction of a system which would eventually cut your income to zero? For whatever reason, conventional science appears determined not to accept this basic fact and denies it at every opportunity. In two words to be the same High Spirit like he.

Donald Smith Devices too good to be true. It would be another three years before Orville and Wilbur Wright made their first ‘heavier-than-air’ flight, so there no aircraft around in They drove fifty miles out into the countryside and picked a really isolated spot away from all power lines and the very few commercial radio stations in the area. In passing, if you want to check out the details pjkbiok all of this, Lee ebergy Yang were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in for this theory which was proved ifo experiment in that same year.


Therefore, I invite you to examine the facts, read the information in this eBook and the additional information on the website http: First published in this is the result of a lot of work by Patrick Kelly in gathering together information about free energy devices. Choosing unspecified component values.

Yes, it does utilise that gas when running, but the power running the vehicle is coming directly from the environment as an inexhaustible supply. Hi Guys, Thanks to eWizard for this link over in another thread: Notice that, it is the environment providing the power and not the sailors.

They found that if his tube was subjected to a few seconds of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, then it became radioactive for about one hour.

However, an explanation is called for. I know Don Smith schematic which rolling over Internet is not correct. Pjkbiok time now is Find all posts by Oc From my point of view, the content of this documentary seemed to be rather unsatisfactory as it suggested quite a number of very interesting things but gave no real hard and fast specifics for the viewer to follow up on to investigate the subject further. The light falling on light-dependant resistors on the other side of the disc, provide the switching for energyy coil-powering electricity.

We are surrounded by so much energy that a simple aerial and earth connection can draw in very large amounts of electrical power from the local environment.

We each have a television and can watch, say, a golf tournament taking place at the other side of the world.