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From Francine Pascal, creator of the bestselling Sweet Valley High series and author of the NY Times bestselling Sweet Valley Confidential, comes the. Francine Pascal, the creator of the enormously successful teen tales Pascal herself wrote a sequel, Sweet Valley Confidential, featuring the. Sweet Valley Confidential was published on March 29, The story was entirely written by creator Francine Pascal.

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Sweet Valley High – Wikipedia

Apr 02, Marian rated it did not like it Shelves: In this book, Jessica was so completely shallow and one dimensional. Unfortunately, adding “like” and “so” to practi As someone who owned many Sweet Valley High books, I got ridiculously excited when I heard this book was coming out.

George Fowler will not be pleased. I cannot for the life of me figure out who this book was released for. The epilogue does catch you up on several of the Sweet Valley gang, but like I said, there are inconsistencies.

‘Sweet Valley Confidential’: A Bittersweet Return

I’d be willing to bet that any fan of SVH could come up with something a million times better than this dreck. It came this morning and I finished it in two hours. There were a lot of things that should have been fact checked that weren’t, even though Pascal credits someone in the acknowledgements with finding that information out for her.

Why would you put that in, but not explain how her and Todd are even together later in life?

View all 5 comments. This is the floor devoted to salespeople hawking electronic Nooks and its shiny crannies. My social life revolved around babysitting the brats down the street, slumber parties and riding my rusty Schwinn with my girlfriend to the valle neighborhood bookstore in my Detroit suburb.


And what’s with all the “F bombs? Um, you mean when he tried to rape you that one time, Liz?

How the Sweet Valley girls grew up | Books | The Guardian

View all 4 comments. Seriously, does Francine Pascal hate this universe and its readers? Really this is a continuity fail from back in the day. We don’t need to drag this out for pages only to have a quick fix in a page and a half, do we?

Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later

I remember reading SVH and SVU as a middle school student, somewhere between my baby-sitters club phase and my anne rice phase. The only real difference for this book is that Liz is now in New York and has become this extremely bitter, emo Liz who hates everyone and everything and decides that revenge is the best idea ever in order to get over her pain.

Everyone is miserable in this book. Elizabeth is torn, not wanting to see her sister and Todd again, but wanting revenge for what Jessica has done to her.

I wasn’t expecting anything as glorious as the book in which Sam died, because that one was riveting, and I dropped it in the bathtub and I still read it numerous vqlley with all its ripply pages, but for a stupid piece of fluff? The only reason I’ve given this book even half a star is because it’s SO confidrntial it’s actually quite entertaining sometimes – particularly Liz and Bruce’s sex scene at the end ‘she pulled down his jeans and revealed his desire’.


And I burned through it in one evening. And I mean that in a Sweet Valley way, which we all know is not steeped in any form of actual reality, pascaal my standards are quite low and I expect the psacal and overwrought.

It is, like, sooo annoying and unnecessary. In what surreal dimension does that make any kind of sense? Highlight was Alice Wakefield swearing it up at Gram’s birthday party. So the library was taking entirely too long to get this in, and the reviews and spoilers were all over the Internet and hard to avoid.

Discovering atheltics scandals and secret hate societies on campus. I hated reading about that part when she had the [month long!! What are their occupations? Francine Pascal obviously has her issues with the sweet valley series and went out of her way to ruin it by making her characters cconfidential and unlikeable even elizabeth!

Lots of fluff, and all the drama you need for a relaxing afternoon read. Short synopsis snarky comments in parentheses ;P: I mean, that’s crazy. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Of course, current trends had to pop up, like Twitter and Facebook, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, which always makes a book better and doesn’t date it in the least.