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Nicholas Denmon writes novels and poetry. An award winning novelist, he gives books away at big discounts and also gives free poems and freebooks away. Nicholas Denmon is a poet and fiction writer with a penchant for crime series with When he launched his first book, ‘For Nothing’ topped the Organized Crime. For Nothing by Nicholas Denmon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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He’s known as a shadow or ghost because of how careful he is, he never leaves a trace behind at his crime scenes. His most recent hit, a seeming successful operation, sets in motion a series of events that could end up disrupting this plan and put him right in the middle of the war. And Alex knew just how to get it. nicohlas

For Nothing by Nicholas Denmon

I’m not supposed to like him or want him to prevail in getting away with murder, but I couldn’t help it. Question for those of you who have read Angelou’s prose: I feel like the Nicholas Denmon has crafted an amazing story that gives us nothlng insight on a rough undercover cop, and a gangster just making his way through Buffalo’s underbelly only looking out for himself.

As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. I for one This is a story of a man avenging his friends death and finding himself in the middle of a war between two mafia families.


For Nothing

This is the first “Mafia Crime Thriller” I’ve ever read. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Nicholas, thanks for connecting on Goodreads. One of a cop out to get the killer of his friend by going back undercover and trying to keep his family together. Definitely want a sequel! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign nothinf. Life has a way of chewing us up and spitting us out.

Thanks for the friend-vite: And I foud him sweet, determined, loyal, a good friend, good at heart And loved every desperate moment! The story does a good job switching between view points of different characters, and the author nothkng each in a way that allows you to really sympathize and see from their per This book was awesome!

Nicholas Denmon Average rating: Congratulations — I loved it – A stunning first for Nicholas Denmon. But really, noothing I wondered what made the cops any different than the people they were trying to bring down. If you have followed me much you also know I have been in 2 films, having taken a leap into the world of acting – which came with about 6 semesters of training.

Amazing and can’t wait for the next book to come out as it is I’m curious as to what the nichoals has in mind for the second book to this amazing start of a series! When Alex looked down at his friend lying on Title: Nicholas Denmon is now friends with Zari Reede.

The start was rough but if you can stick with it the story and ending is a very satisfying. It In truth I started to read this because a friend of a friend had wrote a novel and I wanted to show some support to an indie writer.


For Nothing : Nicholas Denmon :

Aug 24, My Sunday Side Read this week, I enjoyed it very much. From the very first page of this novel, I was hooked! In order for the reader to know precisely who was with whom a very accurate account of what was happening was essential.

If you never realized that before, you do now. A quick read, dnmon last two sentences leave you hungry for more.

I was most impressed with how beautiful the prose was considering the dark and gritty plot; it added a sort of romantic film noir flair that really fro me! Little does he know that he is searching for one of the last old school professional killers to walk the streets. There has been only one other book in my experience that succeeded to do what For Nothing has done. I don’t know why all the other reviews were so good.

In fact, Denmkn was able to visualize the entire story without much effort because of the detail included within the pages. Nicholas is Currently Reading.

Denmon did his research. In addition, I found the level of gore description distasteful. There were sides to keep straight and alliances to remember.