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Família xDSL service, 18, feet on 24 gauge wire, The standard ADSL; sacrifices speed for not having to install a splitter at the user’s home or business. DEFINICION. XDSL (x DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER LINE): Línea digital de subscriptor , donde la x define toda una variedad de componentes de la familia DSL. Se llaman xDSL ya que los acrónimos de estas tecnologías acaban en DSL, .. de la familia Magellan de Nortel, los cuales tienen arquitectura de FrameCell.

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Digital subscriber line An Entity of Type: Thingfrom Named Graph: DSL service can be delivered simultaneously with wired telephone service on the same familai line. This is possible because DSL uses higher frequency bands for data.

In ADSL, the data throughput in the upstream direction the direction to the service provider is lower, hence the designation of asymmetric service.


In symmetric digital subscriber line SDSL services, the downstream and upstream data rates are equal. These higher speeds are lab results, however.

A survey found that “DSL continues to be the dominant technology for broadband access” with In het algemeen wordt voor deze verbinding een normale telefoonkabel gebruikt, die van de telefoon wijk centrale naar de gebruiker loopt. Digital fxmilia line wikidata: Digital subscriber line dbpedia-cs: Digital subscriber line dbpedia-de: Digital subscriber line dbpedia-el: Digital subscriber line dbpedia-es: Digital subscriber line dbpedia-fr: Digital subscriber line dbpedia-it: Digital subscriber line dbpedia-ja: Digital subscriber line dbpedia-ko: Digital subscriber line dbpedia-nl: Digital subscriber line dbpedia-pl: Digital subscriber line dbpedia-pt: Digital subscriber line dbpedia-wikidata: Digital subscriber line dbpedia-id: Digital subscriber line prov: Digital subscriber line DSL; originally digital subscriber loop is a family of technologies that are used to transmit digital data over telephone lines.