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: Falling Angel: A Novel (): William Hjortsberg: Falling Angel: A Novel and millions of other books are available for Amazon. In , Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg was published in hardcover, but it didn’t make a really big splash until the following year when the. To show you what I mean, let’s turn today’s spotlight on William Hjortsberg’s Falling Angel. The inspiration for Alan Parker’s film Angel Heart.

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If Bonet was trying to shed the perception of innocence established on the Cosby show which seems odd to say this in light of recent revelationsthen she certainly accomplished that.

Did the book hold up to the movie? Even without the incredible attention to detail, this book would be a winner. Sure, it telegraphs the destination, but the ride is so much fun.

A nadie le importa una mierda. I bought it at my favorite brick and mortar bookstore, Bunch of Grapes http: Oct 13, Gary rated it really liked it Shelves: In brief, I enjoyed the hard-boiled side of the story, the supernatural parts not so much. This book seems like a natural call for me. I’m going to dig out the movie and watch it again, just to check myself. The story takes place in New York City, and Hjortsberg depicts that setting in detail.

Although you are deeply concerned with discovering the truth, lies flow from your lips without hesitation.

Falling Angel

Just when you think you know what’s going to happen or what just happenedthe story slips away from your grasp. Lists with This Book.

Young rumpled Rourke is astounding! And I actually found myself unable to put the book down as I approached the end. Lisa Bonet, fresh off the Cosby show, plays Hjotsberg Proudfoot. One feels like you’re in the bars and jazz clubs sitting right beside Angel and walking down the streets along side him.


As the Second World War began, Favorite was becoming a major star on the order of what Frank Sinatra woul First published in hhjortsberg, this is a novel that combines a fairly traditional hard-boiled detective story with supernatural horror elements. In the mist dark figures move and twist Was all this for real, or just some kind of hell? The book is full of bizarre occult references to Fallong York City. Having read the novel first in and then again two years ago, I can say it definitely stands the test of time.

Favorite was busted up pretty bad in the war. Hjortsberg also does a wonderful job on the atmosphere of New York City in the ’50’s. Contact Me You’re welcome to send me an email at: Unfortunately this book’s fame has rested largely on the film that was based upon it, “Angel Heart.

I don’t know if the author grew up in this town in the ’50s or just did a remarkable research job, but the reader fal,ing does get the impression that this book which came out in was written a few decades earlier. I was actually angry at the movie for being too good hortsberg an adaptation and therefore spoiling a mighty fine read. Fallinh works valling hard boiled genre well.

Johnny Favorite, a popular crooner before and during the Second World War, has not been seen or ralling of since he was critically wounded during a Luftwaffe raid on Allied forces in Tunisia.

As you read on my blog it’s definitely one of my absolute favorite horror films. He runs into many people who knew Fortune, but few who remember anything about him. But, as it has been over 20 years since I have seen the movie, I had forgotten most of the details except a pretty steamy sex scene with Lisa Bonet We’re not in “Cosby” anymore, Theo! He knows it is bad news. The real life character is a guy that used to stand in front of Broadway in NYC and swear at people walking by.


It’s Not Good Bad, I Cruelty comes easily to you, yet you find it inconceivable that you are so gifted at hurting others.

Your Place in Obl On that subject, it sounds like the author did his homework. While much has hjoftsberg said of this book’s scary elements–its voodoo ceremonies and Black Mass meeting and horrible murders–what impressed me most about this tale is the incredible attention to realistic detail that the author invests it with. He was shipped home and hospitalized hjortsber upstate New York, basically left to spend the rest of his life as a vegetable.

Cyphre in his dreams.

Too Much Horror Fiction: Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg (): Damned Damned Damned

Hjortsberg does a fabulous job of giving this story a ‘s feel. But you know what? The action though minimal is dispersed enough to keep you interested and excited. Johnny Favorite also had a girlfriend on the side, which was heavily into Voodoo and owned an herbal store.

The client, Louis Cyphre, is cryptic with what little information he is willing to share. I downloaded it and began reading. The first, a novel about human brains kept alive by science, was inspired by an off-the-cuff remark Hjortsberg made at a cocktail party.