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To Calvino, exactitude means three things above all: a well-defined and well- calculated plan for the work; an evocation of clear, incisive, memorable visual. “To my mind exactitude means three things above all: 1. a well-defined and well- calculated plan for the work in question; 2. an evocation of. In the third memo of Calvino’s five, he describes the quality of exactitude. He explains it in having three main points: 1. A well-defined, well.

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Calvino’s Exactitude

He explains it in having three main points: A well-defined, well calculated plan for the work, 2. An evocation of clear, incisive, memorable visual images, 3. A language as precise as possible both in choice of words and in expression dxactitude the subtleties of thought and imagination.

In the literal and most obvious aspect, exactitude is being as exact and concise as possible. When we write, we able to erase, delete, and rewrite in order to make a more perfect work.

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Six Memos for the Next Millennium review – Italo Calvino’s Harvard lectures

A work of literature can be created so that we are able to visualize the smallest details by means of using language effectively. He goes on to say, that even writing that appears to be vague is, in itself, a form of exactitude.

He argues this point by using the vague and indefinite poems of Giacomo Leopardi. Although vague, exactitude is achieved by an enormous amount of attention that went into achieving the vagueness.

Calvino uses a crystal for his emblem of exactitude. Crystals have the ability to refract light.

Italo Calvino on Exactitude | From Quills to Keys: The Way of Electracy

Crystals exactituxe formed and in a sense born. He compares crystals to the living world in that they develop like most biological creatures. They are geometric and tamed. Calvino states crystals are the model of perfection and therefore a vision of exactitude.

Depicted above is a well-known drawing by Leonardo da Vinci: It depicts the perfectly proportional and anatomically correct male human body. The markings on the drawing are concisely placed to show proportion and exact lengths.


Six Memos For This Millennium – The

The top paragraph examines the exactness of the human body. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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