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Evertz MVP, Multi-Image Display & Monitoring Systems. 3 Evertz MPV Multi- Image Display and Monitoring Systems of different configurations and IN and. Product information for Multi-Image Display & Monitoring System MVP® manufactured by Evertz. Provided by AV-iQ. Product information for Multi-Image Display & Monitoring System MVP® manufactured by Evertz. Provided by SPINITAR.

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Save the current preset for future recall under the same or a new name identifier. Fit Video Using 16×9 Aspect: Alphanumeric sort based on name everyz hardware. Option to display window indicator labels.

Common Key Bindings Shortcut Keys 4. The display manager displays all of the logical displays in the system. The following system creation dialogue will appear: Cameras – Studio Video. Add phase bars to video object to view phase for assigned video input MVP only.


Set the color and opacity of the text used on the UMD message. Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. Whirlwind Music Distributors, Inc. Ultimate Support Systems, Inc. Interior View of Clock APC by Schneider Electric.


A maximum of 8 fault messages can be displayed in one object. Irreversible eye damage can occur in a matter of milliseconds. LD Systems Pro Audio. All fields are required. Change default window name.

Enter a fault message to be displayed when evertzz fault is triggered. Lightking Optoelectronics Tech Group.

Advanced Technology Video, Inc. Add a GPO to a specific input that can be triggered based on the fault condition for the assigned input. Menu to change the background everttz of the selected display. Use Properties window to configure the fault trigger settings and visual properties. Use protocol based source label. Option to load a recently used preset. Azure Development Solutions Ltd.

View Drop-down Menu Figure Digital Clock Figure This is typically the case in systems where there are only 1 or 2 display cards 1 to 8 displays. Maestro – 14 Revision 1. Any of the triggers can be true for fault everhz to be displayed. Setup for video re-direct feature MVP only. Good Way Technology Co. Save the current design under a new name or directory.


Multiviewers | Evertz Microsystems – Products

Amina Technology NA Ltd. Element One Multimedia GmbH. Resolution View – Advanced Setup Configuration: Edit Menu View Maestro – 8 Revision 1. Drag and Drop audio monitoring Status Console Provides system feedback when designing recalling layouts Figure Use protocol based source labels retrieve protocol id from assigned input.

Drag-and-drop Objects Figure Mobile Video Devices, Inc.