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Krzysztof Jajuga is the author of Inwestycje ( avg rating, 8 ratings, 2 reviews, published ), Podstawy inwestowania na Elementy nauki o finansach. Taxes: elements of the tax structure, the tax scales, classification of taxes, the tax system in K. Jajuga, Elementy nauki o finansach, PWE, Warszawa Number of Pages: pages. Elementy nauki o finansach. by Krzysztof Jajuga Release date: Number of Pages: pages. Przywództwo w organizacji.

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Financial knowledge is knowledge about basic financial phenomena, such as financial institutions, savings, credits, taxes etc. In addition, an attempt has been made to verify the following hypothesis H: To introduce financial operations, to discuss the functioning and importance of budgetary principles, functions of the state budget, the differences between active banking tinansach and passive, etc.

That was one of reasons for conducting the survey only in the biggest cities. Manikowski, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Poznaniu, s. In the following part of the article the results of economic dimension of household management effectiveness will be presented. Introduction The paper combines two scientific phenomena: It always pays to repay the debit or the loan earlier than expected.

Variables are described by means, standard deviations, and minimum and maximum values.

Effectiveness is achieved through good relationships, appropriate division of labor between household members, as well as planning and attention to all aspects of the household finance, development of household members, property repairs, etc. Effectiveness means saving lower costs expenses by reducing losses and waste of resources materials, products, services, time, forcewhich household possesses.


Financial knowledge and financial control are two FOE 1 Group 2 those with a low level of household finance effectiveness 0 points. The study involved persons responsible for the management of household finance in their households. Power Tools for Active Investors. Variable Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 1.

In the pilot study non random method of selection was used, selection of standard units, in order to test the questionnaire. Economics Letters, 77, Unfortunately, in Poland finances are a taboo subject, which means that a large proportion of respondents refused to answer questions about their level of income and savings or debt. A graphical aid to the interpretation and validation of cluster analysis.

Elementy nauki o finansach: kategorie i instrumenty finansowe – Krzysztof Jajuga – Google Books

Lawless ; 2 evolutionary model by M. It takes into account a number of variables that describe the behavior of prices and volume, both in the short and long term. Norton ; 6 two dimensional matrix 9 variables model effectiveness by G.

Testing the statistical differences between the two groups has been performed using Mann Whitney test. Analyzing effectiveness approaches in scientific achievements in the field of organizational management, economics, corporate finance, public finance and banking, as well as sociology, psychology, mathematics and other scientific fields, attention should be paid to multidimensional wlementy to effectiveness, such as: In addition, it has been shown that there is a correlation statistically significant between financial knowledge and household finance management effectiveness in the economic dimension and between financial control and household finance management effectiveness in the economic dimension.

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Moreover, the concept of personal finance management is defined as the process of managing financial resources in order to achieve the financial goals through planning, organizing, influencing and control Nogalski et al. Partitioning around medoids method has been used for data classification for pattern recognition. Polish Agency for Enterprise Development,s. In this case, the concept of personal finance sensu largo can be synonymous with the concept of household finances.


Piotr Adam Boguszewski, Warsaw: The procedure and the principle of budget c. Rola, Arbitrage in markets without shortselling with proportional transaction costsApplicationes Mathematicae Warsaw 40Bielawski J.

Conclusion Personal finances is a fairly new sub discipline of finance, which is developing dynamically. Household one dimensional approaches to effectiveness Approach interpretation of effectiveness Theological approach System approach Traditional approach Holistic approach Evolutionary model approach Definition of household s effectiveness The anuki is expressed by the targets at the lowest possible cost incurred.

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends. Group 3 people with an average level of household finance effectiveness nnauki 2 points. LXII, Zeszyt 3pp.

Evaluation of Household Finance Management Effectiveness in the Biggest Polish Cities

Household finance management effectiveness literature review The term effectiveness is derived from the Latin word efficio, which means: Stock market trading rule discovery using pattern recognition and technical analysis. Basic banking operations and their characteristics 7.

The proposed model of effectiveness evaluation has been used in the presented research.