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Coordinated by Stuart E. Eizenstat. Under Secretary of The report documents one of the greatest thefts by a government in history: the confiscation by Nazi. Stuart E. “Stu” Eizenstat (born January 15, ) is an American diplomat and attorney. He served as the United States Ambassador to the European Union from. The speech of the prominent Swiss politician Christoph Blocher referred to the so called Eizenstat report, a report which portrayed Switzerland.

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Christoph Blocher, in Bern, on June 21, In other words, he is officially pronouncing judgment on our country in the name of the American state. A foreign state has chosen to render judgment on our country.

Switzerland, the Eizenstat Report and Defamation: Astonishing Parallels With Poland Today

That is why this verdict must be subjected to especially close scrutiny. Let me ask you: And now, nearly 75 years after the events, the U. Government and Congress are once again sitting in judgment of the history of another sovereign state—Poland—this time by formulating, and contemplating the passage of, H.

Act and Act S.

Declaration Of The Swiss Federal Council On The Eizenstat Report | FRONTLINE | PBS

The ignorance about Poland is likewise astonishing. What can be deduced from the outrageous accusation of immoral neutrality? A few German middlemen, who had feport stolen goods, offered jewelry and precious stones of Jewish people and murdered government opponents to neutral foreign countries, including Switzerland.


American troops discovered the gold in one of the subterranean rooms on April 4, Several dozen tons of concentration camp gold were still in their original state…Even German leaders did not dare to obviously entrust eizenxtat perfidious original objects to the eizensta of a mint and never tried to integrate the large part of concentration camp gold into international transactions.

Any specialist can confirm that it is technically impossible to prove the existence of potential victim gold in gold bars or coins which were replenished with non-monetary gold.

It is a winner. There have been media accounts of postwar Poles searching the cremains of Jews for gold—an obvious attempt to play on emotions and instill prejudices against Poles. Fact is, the looting of the dead, especially in times of war or poverty, moreover that of non-Jews as well as Jews, is unpleasant but hardly remarkable. It is as old as human history itself!

Stuart E. Eizenstat

Whoever reproaches us for not participating in the war out of greed should calculate the enormous costs eizenstaf Switzerland for non-belligerency, for defense, for the greatest possible self-sufficiency, and for the admission of almostrefugees and internees.

  DHR 753 16A200 PDF

He should calculate the major losses on credits for Germany after its collapse…. After the war, Switzerland neither requested nor received American money as part of Marshall Plan aid.

On the contrary, economic recession, poverty and rationing of food was also prevalent in Switzerland. To speak of profit-seeking bears witness to an ignorance of history. Here are some elementary facts: It is completely normal for the property of the dead to become the property of the living—of murdered Jews no less ekzenstat murdered non-Jews—especially as an outcome of war.

Enter the Marshall Plan. Poland did not get a penny of it. Poland had been prevented, by the western-acquiesced Soviet-imposed Communist puppet government, from participating.

Stuart E. Eizenstat – Wikipedia

In addition, Poland as a satellite nation of the Soviet Union had to contribute to the development of the Soviet economy after the war. Federal Palace of Switzerland, Eiizenstat. March 15, March 16, admin Views. Another letter from the US Congress attacking Poland?

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