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AMC General Acceptable Means of Compliance for Airworthiness of Products, AMC / Amendment AMC ‘Integrated modular avionics (IMA)’. Airworthiness Directives (ADs) · Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMoC) · Alternative Method of Compliance. 1, AMC 20, AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC

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EASA expects that these new provisions and associated AMC material should ensure that the safety levels of open rotor engine installations are consistent with those of the existing turbofan fleet. This will be achieved by introducing into Part the new rules accommodating a risk-based approach to compliance verification through embodiment of the sasa of level of involvement LoI of the Agency in the certification process. EASA expects that the proposed changes akc provide a fair safety benefit against an acceptable cost impact for large aeroplane manufacturers.

We recommend that design approval holders, as well as operators, maintenance organisations, trade associations, and maintenance training organisations make a maintain contact with relevant members of the group in order to monitor progress and influence the content of the NPA.

Retrieved 15 November In particular, this NPA proposes amendments to the following items: Some provisions have also been added to address controllability during ditching with no engine power. If this is an area of interest for you, we recommend familiarising yourselves with the full details of this rulemaking task.

Electronic flight bag – Wikipedia

The proposal will ensure that Design Approval Holders DAHsor applicants for Type Certificates TCsSupplemental Type Certificates STCsdesign changes and repair approvals, will produce the necessary data, procedures, instructions and manuals related to ageing structure failures due to corrosion and fatigue and make them available to those who need to comply with them operators. The Commission would discuss further with the Agency and then present its formal proposals at a future Committee meeting.


In this respect, EASA has proposed to review the existing certification specifications and acceptable means of compliance. Although the dates for halon replacement proposed are later than those of ICAO Annex 6, the proposed changes are expected to ensure compliance therewith in the long term.

Electronic flight bag

Its guided interface will simplify applying for certification tasks, save applicants time and effort, minimise delays caused by validation issues and make the entire process more transparent. This RMT is intended to review these changes and to maximise harmonisation. It has to be emphasised that the examples given are not intended by EASA to introduce any new practice; but they are intended to simply describe current practice. It is widely recognised that ensuring correct aircraft tyre inflation pressure is the most important factor for safe tyre operations.

Retrieved 30 September Electronic Flight Bags are divided into three hardware classes and three software types. EASA has published further support to facilitate stakeholders access to eRules for Initial Airworthiness by publishing the Easy Access Rules in the following eight categories:.

Aviation Regulations Updates – Baines Simmons

This data is considered specific to an aircraft type and should, therefore, be produced by the designer of that aircraft type.

This NPA proposes to: Specifically, CS is amended to implement the outcome of two rulemaking tasks: A new AMC For CS and CS Cat A rotorcraft, enhanced capsize mitigation must be provided to relieve the time pressure on occupants to escape.

It also establishes minimum manufacturing and release certificate requirements based on industry standards depending on the CL assigned to each part. The NPA is open for consultation and will close for comments on 15th March NPA is divided in four parts.

Release to service by pilot owner – Some commentators asked to increase the number of tasks which can be performed by pilot owners sometimes referring to the provisions already included in Appendix VIII of Part-M. It also allows applicants to view and monitor the status of their applications, and to manage their own contact details and user credentials.


A summary of the comments that EASA wants to highlight is provided here: InAero Lloyda German carrier, introduced two laptops to compute the performance and access the documentation. We recommend that CAT operators of large aeroplanes review the proposals in liaison with applicable design approval holders to verify if and how currently installed materials meet the proposed standards.

EASA Proposes New Regulation for Electronic Flight Bags

Stakeholders are invited to review the draft resulting text Appendix B and provide reactions, if any. The risk-based LoI concept is in line with the safety risk management standards of ICAO, and will enable EASA to better identify the areas of product certification more prone than others to risk with regard to safety and environmental protection.

Aviation Xmc Updates Initial Airworthiness.

The main changes and the relationship between the ICAO concept of operations and the draft rules were highlighted. There are also claims of increased safety and reducing pilot workload. All recently designed large aeroplanes are known to be potentially sensitive to those airworthiness-related security threats due to the interconnectivity features of some of their avionics systems.

As a result of rulemaking tasks, NPA has been issued relating to aesa importing of aircraft form other regulatory system and Part Subpart H review. CS is applicable to large aeroplanes powered with turbine engines and, as most of those aeroplanes are used by airlines, CS is clearly written with high density Commercial Air Transport aeroplanes in mind.

In flight, such a system is typically able to provide a timely alert to the flight crew if the calculated stopping point is beyond anc end of the runway. Initially, aimed at Design Organisation Approval holders, it will be possible to submit applications for the following certification tasks online:.