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Trattasi della “Responsabilità Civile prestatori d’Opera”, riguardante: la rivalsa dell’I.N.A.I.L. ex artt. 10 e 11 del DPR /65; – le pretese del. of DPR /65 and ex art. 13 DL 38/; The industrial diseases. Liability of Directors and Officers (D & O). The single persons of the management . /65 e s.m.i. Al Servizio PreSAL ASL Alla DTL Denuncia/ Segnalazione di malattia professionale ai sensi degli artt. DPR / e 10 del D.

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English term or phrase: The ability to solve the first question rely on several aspects: According to these findings, various studies on occupational exposure to solar radiation SR failed to find an association between the performance of an outdoor job and the risk of melanoma. A feature of standard workers compensation policies, this coverage applies to liability that may be imposed on an employer outside the provisions of a worker compensation law.

You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. The Constitutional Reform in Italy gave regional Administrations exclusive authority in execution-level planning and delivery of health care, besides guaranteeing the core benefit package LEA to every citizen that are determined at national level and must be equally provided by every Region.

[Synergy retween D.P.R. 1124/65 and D.Lgs 81/2008: current events and perspectives].

Similar experiences were also described in other countries 8 – In Italy a consensus document developed by experts was developed in 13 after several experiences carried out in the previous two decades 5726 – As in any health surveillance d.p.r.1214, a follow-up is foreseen.

The third question relies on d.p.f.1124 correct standardization of the procedures all over the region, based on a high quality and effective training of all the involved professionals who are expected to actively exchange their experience and problem-solving activities. Considering the great number of outdoor workers employed in Europe, at least 14 million according to OSHA, and worldwide, the consideration of occupational solar radiation exposure as a specific professional risk requiring the health surveillance of exposed workers will be very helpful in order to prevent melanoma and other UV related diseases.

Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Law: Patients diagnosed with a malignant asbestos related disease are promptly taken in charge by public health care programmes for cancer patients. In Tuscany, an Italian region in Central Italy, after having experienced initiatives similar to those abovementioned, an in-depth examination of several aspects organizational, economical, etc. You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have language-related jobs or are passionate about them.


[Synergy retween D.P.R. /65 and 81/ current events and perspectives].

In the Italian Ministry of Heath organized the second Italian Asbestos Conference 12 and at the same time it funded several projects regarding prevention and mitigation of asbestos risk, including a project aiming to define and test a specific protocol for health surveillance of former asbestos workers to be later implemented in whole Italy. Particular attention is paid to those with documented lung fibrosis who are also invited to undergo influenza and pneumococcus vaccination, and to current smokers who are invited to quit in d.p.g.1124 to reduce the possible risks of lung disease, deterioration of their lung function and progression of radiographic fibrotic d.p.r.1124, if applicable.

In Italy, where a Beveridge welfare state provides health care to all citizens within its public health service, several health surveillance initiatives for former asbestos workers have been carried out by public occupational d.l.r.1124 services OHSs in some areas, especially where hundreds of workers employed in firms using asbestos in their industrial activity in the past were registered 5 – 7.

On Aprilthe programme started after a deliberation of the regional council that supplied specific funds for it. The ability to perform an homogeneous surveillance system relies also on the monitoring and evaluation procedures that are going to be implemented within the programme and are continuously under discussion by the specific regional group of experts and all the stakeholders. The d.p.r1.124 does not d.pr.1124 a low-dose computed tomography LDCTsuggested to be useful for the diagnosis of lung cancer e.p.r.1124 heavy smokers Subjects with a history of asbestos exposure at the workplace will be directly invited to the OHSs, but if a subject thinks to have undergone asbestos exposure at work can directly contact the local OHS for an examination in the same clinic.

Malignant melanoma, occupational cancer, solar radiation, outdoor work, UV exposure prevention.

Adriano Bonetto Italy Local time: Automatic update in You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Term search All of ProZ. This is the reason why great attention and initiatives have been registered in many European countries, beside Italy. Recently, some studies appear to indicate that, also in patients with melanoma history, the habit of completely avoiding sun exposure is not a positive prognostic factor.

Health surveillance for former asbestos exposed worker: Moreover, it must be pointed out that the intensity of exposure is mainly related to lung cancer risk. Aim of this paper is to describe the main clinical and organisational features of the regional programme of post occupational health surveillance for former asbestos workers.

All these characteristics allowed to offer the programme free of charge within the regional public health services with the involvement of preventive OHSs, antismoking services and care services unit of radiology and unit of lung diseases. Recently, in Italy melanoma due to SR exposure has been erased from the national list of occupational diseases D.


The literature on previous experiences on this issue and, in particular, the revision and following recommendations reported in the updated Helsinki Criteria document 15 were useful to define the Italian protocol. The aims of a health surveillance programme for former asbestos workers, for its ethical and social characteristics, are summarized as following: I to correctly identify past occupational asbestos exposures; II to correctly identify non-malignant asbestos-related diseases; III to inform the former exposed workers about the risk related to their previous and current exposures, including other occupational exposures and smoking habit, that could enhance fibrotic processes; IV to certificate, if applicable, work-related diseases to claim compensation.

It pays particular attention to diagnosis and care for non-malignant asbestos diseases in subjects with a reliable work history of exposure to asbestos. J Thorac Dis ;10 Suppl 2: In Italy a complete ban of asbestos use is in force since national law No. Figure 1 Health surveillance programme for Tuscan workers with past asbestos exposure: In order to guarantee a homogeneous health surveillance in the whole region, the Tuscan programme includes:.

I the knowledge on asbestos exposures of the health professionals, first of all the General Practitioners, who can inform the past asbestos workers; II the support of professional associations; III the support and communication activity of no-profit association of workers formerly exposed to asbestos and Unions the specific agreement signed at regional level might contribute to establish an active cooperation.

Italian PRO pts in pair: Post Your ideas for ProZ. In defining a protocol for health surveillance for former asbestos workers the first need to be addressed is the inclusion of evidence-based procedures and financial sustainability. Anyhow, official specific recommendations of the Italian Health Minister are not available yet. After the definition at national level of an health surveillance programme for former asbestos workers in terms of evidence-based procedures, efficacy and social utility, the public regional health administration asked a group of experts to evaluate in-depth those aspects not considered in the national consensus document, focusing in particular on the standardization of past asbestos exposures, the communication issues and the economical sustainability