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Documents Similar To Alfred Desenclos – Quatuor [Sax Quartet SATB]. Tango Virtuoso. Uploaded by. Albright, William- Sonata. Uploaded by. antosax. Quartet for Saxophones is a piece for four Saxophones composed by Alfred Desenclos in , which lasts around 15 minutes and 30 seconds. (AL ). View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Mobilis Saxophone Quartet on Discogs.

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Tuesday, February 22, A detailed description of the composers life, history of the piece, form, melodic organization, pitch organization, and rhythm are presented in this analysis. This is surprising because his saxophone pieces are frequently performed and recorded.

In both repertoire and performance, this was one of the Amherst ensemble’s best programs. Most of his writing fits into the French tradition, which pays homage to esprit and elegance.

First-rate show by Amherst sax group. This is Mozart at his “naughty boy”best, having fun with his listeners, desenc,os them on.

Quartet in C Major, K. Music 20th century Analysis.

Quatuor pour Saxophones, Alfred Desenclos

Desehclos the main theme was presented by the swxophone to chordal accompaniment, a sort of loose set of variations followed with the theme in shifting guises, each to a different accompaniment pattern.

He was an accomplished composer who held a prominent teaching positions in Deeenclos. It is difficult to find a detailed analysis of a work for saxophone or saxophone quartet. The movement seemed to reach a spiritual crisis or moment of decision with a long held dissonant chord, which was worked out through a series of chordal mutations that provided a very satisfying denouement and resolution.


The work had opened with an “Anime” movement a bit more disjunct than earlier pieces, with the theme presented in what seemed interrupted quarteg. Not only was Rosenthal’s intonation virtually impeccable, but also he brought to the highest notes of his instrument the sweet focus and center of the upper registers of a rarely heard but elegantly played clarinet in its highest tessitura. This highly individual music opened with brief ascending gestures tossed back and forth, alternating with islands of repose in which questioning figures swam in a pool of quiet tremolos.

Quatuor pour Saxophones, Alfred Desenclos | Repertoire | Amherst Saxophone Quartet

Composer Biography Desenclos, Alfred. With the scores of young schoolchildren playing saxophone on the Cape, it would seem to be a missed opportunity not to bring the Amherst ensemble back and gather those young tyros together at some place to hear this extraordinary group. Theses and Dissertations []. In writing his “Octet for Wind Instruments,” Stravinsky observed, “I remember what a great effort it cost me to establish an ensemble of eight wind instruments so that they should not overwhelm the listeners with a great display of tone.

As the music developed it seemed almost an attempt at impressionist polyphony, if that’s not a contradiction in terms. A major figure in the symphonic clarinet world once sneeringly pronounced, “No gentleman ever plays the saxophone.

It would be inaccurate to desencclos this group as less than a first-rate chamber music ensemble comparable to the best small string ensembles. An ensemble of soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophonists, the quartet is in its 27th year, has played more than works written specifically for their instrumentation not including transcriptions and has appeared in major venues throughout this country and overseas.


This inventive and wholly delightful program by the Buffalo-based, world-touring Amherst Saxophone Quartet takes note of the French pride of place in the saxophone world, offering four major 20th century works.

And as far as surface tonal sheen desencloe concerned, at many points I sensed a glistening quality, somewhat like the Ravel String Quartet. This is Mozart at his “naughty boy” best. Tuesday, November 28, However, there is not much information about Desenclos or his compositions in scholarly literature. Online resource; title from PDF title page viewed June 28, Adolphe Sax, a Belgian, invented the saxophone aroundso it was particularly fitting that Belgian composer Jean Absil’s “Quatour pour Saxophones, Op.

In this context It seems arbitrary to single out a favorite moment but for this listener the third ‘movement called “Choral” of Claude Pascal’s Quartet stood out enough to assume a position as the center of the concert. This piece is not tonal because it does not have a traditional key center; nevertheless, Desenclos used some traditional harmonic progressions, bass motion, and harmonies.

Show full item record Request Copy of Item. Deswnclos disarmingly short pieces by Robert Clerisse were lumped together as the fourth major work.

Whatever, it was very attractive.