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ILS-CON. ILS™ Control Center. USER MANUAL. Page 2. ILS-CON User Manual. 2 Legend™ R. DMX-. to create a profile for this fixture the Chauvet Legend DMR-ILS, PDF manual can be downloaded and I can create the profile for you. Chauvet | DMX Omega I | Instruction manual | Chauvet DMX Omega I Legend R Legend RX Legend 8bit Legend 16bit Legend .

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The Patch Window can display the patch data in three different views on the monitor Outputs, Fixtures and Channels.

First select the group and then use any of the following commands: Type in the required name using the external or on-screen keyboard and then press the [OK] button to complete. Select the [Change] button for the required fixture or the [Change] chxuvet in the ALL row legejd change the type of all the selected fixtures.

Select the [Yes] button to confirm the operation. Buy 2 and will throw in the dual road case. As well as palettes, the ORB provides user definable Groups. Press the [Renumber] soft key.

It is recommended that you take some time thinking about numbering your fixtures. Chauvvet released from a previous page, the submasters become available on the new page.

You can also split the beam and cover a la The value of the middle selected fixture will be locked. Up to four fixtures can be linked to create eye-catching, synchronized The various options are described below: Right clicking with the mouse switches the mouse pointer between the monitor outputs.


Patching Fixtures to a Specified Universe Fixtures can also be patched to a specified universe by including the universe number in the command. As long as the two devices can see each other, the system should function correctly.

See earlier for full list of available functions. The Cue Setup window appears: The various options are chauet on the monitor. Select it and choose connect if you added security, you’ll need to enter these details here. You can also see time lock indicated by the background of the on-screen time display changing to a light blue. Once created, Auto Macros appear in the Macro Window in the same way as User Macros and can be activated in the same way.

If [Tagged Fixtures] is selected as shown aboveall the fixtures in the programmer will be recorded.

Chauvet Moving Head: Stage Lighting & Effects | eBay

The cues programmed in the cue stack are listed in numerical order. Adjustment of beamshape is by default an Absolute adjustment.

Defaults — Set up the default behaviour of each programmable area, including delay and fade times for each attribute Intensity, Colour, Beamshape, Position. The colour parameters for the fixture are assigned to the control wheels and are indicated on the LCD screen above the wheels. Figure 94 — Effects Window Automatic fanning of offset or any other effect parameter across fixtures is not done. The [Previous] and [Next] buttons can be used to view the palettes in sequence. Press the [OK] button to complete the patching operation or the [Cancel] button to cancel.


Help to Create a Profile | ADJ Forums

Deleting Fixtures The default state of the console gives you a quantity of dimmer channels patched 1: Half Screen Right 8. It is important here to ensure that the DMX universe is correctly selected. To make changes to a particular fixture or a group of fixtures, first select the fixture group by pressing the GROUP button repeatedly until the required group is displayed in the title bar.

In this mode, the flash button is used as GO button. The cue after the edited one has to be reprogrammed to ensure this: For more information on Tracking, see page Figure 4 – Playbacks A number of additional controls are available for releasing cue stacks and activating cue stacks on the Master Playback.