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Magazines from found on Cereri Inregistrare Marca – OSIM. from · Embed în format pdf – OSIM. from · Embed. Romanian translation: certificat de inregistrare a marcii printr-o cerere unica, depusa la Organizatia Mondiala a Proprietatii Intelectuale, situata la Geneva, cu conditia ca Reference: Cererea de inregistrare se poate depune fie direct, la registratura OSIM, fie prin posta. Cererea de inregistrarea unei marci se intocmeste in limba romana, pe un .

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Dintre desenele inregistrate in ultimele 8 luni. Inregistrare marci national si in UE. Creeaza cont pe www. E gratuit si dureaza putin. Inscrie-te aici pentru a monitoriza marcile concurentilor tai. Afla in timp real ce marci inregistreaza fiecare marcs, pe ce clase, afla statistici avansate.

Depune o marca in 2 ore!

Produse PI Alecu Bogdan. Marci depuse de la inceputul anului Marci depuse pe clasa 26 Marci depuse pe clasa 34 Marci depuse pe clasa 36 Marci depuse pe clasa 37 Marci depuse pe clasa 39 Marci depuse pe clasa 40 Marci depuse pe clasa 42 Marci depuse pe clasa 45 oaim Marci depuse pe clasa 19 Marci depuse pe clasa 21 Oferta speciala valabila pana la The opposition is directed against all goods and services covered by the application. The opposition is based on the following earlier right: The opponent bases its opposition on all these goods.

The opponent argues that there is a likelihood of confusion because of the similarity of goods and marks in question and therefore the CTM application should be rejected.

The applicant did not submit any observations in reply within the time limit. Likelihood of confusion According to Article 8 1 CTMR, upon opposition by the proprietor of an earlier trade mark, the trade mark applied for shall not be registered: These factors include, inter alia, their nature, their purpose and method of use and whether they are in competition with each other or are complementary see Canon, paragraph Further factors include the pertinent distribution channels in particular the sales outletsthe relevant public, and the usual origin of the goods.

Decision No B page: Inregistarre opposition is based on the following goods: Gaming and amusement machines and parts and fittings thereof in class Thus, the goods serve the same purpose leisure and are aimed at the same public mostly children, teenagers and their parents. They are also distributed via the same channels toy shops and games sections of electronic shops. Therefore, they are considered to be similar despite different classification.


Class 28 All the contested goods classified in this class are relating to games and entertainment and therefore have the same purpose as the earlier gaming and amusement machines, inrwgistrare.

Both sets of goods are aimed at the same relevant public, the average consumers and also distributed through the same trade channels. Moreover, the oslm are in competition and thus, purchased at the same places.

Given the foregoing, the goods are considered to be identical. It is common for casinos, gambling facilities, playrooms, etc. The complementary nature of the goods and services, together with the Decision No B page: The comparison must be based on the overall impression given by the marks, bearing in mind, in particular, their distinctive and dominant components cf.

The signs to be compared are the following: Therefore, the whole Community is the relevant territory for comparison.

Inregistrare marci national si in UE

Likelihood of confusion in only one part of the Community is sufficient as a relative ground for the rejection of the application in issue. There are two word marks written in standard upper case to be compared. The mark in question differ in length, the CTM application has eight letters whereas the earlier mark comprises seven letters. Moreover, the relevant public tends to attribute the greatest weight to the beginnings of signs which are identical in the present case. Given the foregoing, the Office finds the marks visually similar to a medium degree.

The contested mark is three-syllabic mark whereas the earlier mark has only two syllables in most of the Community languages. In English the marks comprise four and three syllables. In view of the foregoing, the marks are considered aurally similar to a low degree. The marks are meaningless in all the relevant countries. However the earlier mark might be suggestive of lotto, a type of a game for example in Dutch, English, Hungarian, Latvian and Swedish.

In Italy both marks are likely to evoke slot machines.

OSIM Inregistrare marci OSIM jurisprudenta 3

To this extent the contents of the iinregistrare are similar. In view of the mrca, phonetic and conceptual comparison, the marks are considered to be similar overall. Likelihood of confusion must be assessed globally, taking into account all the circumstances of the case. Likelihood of confusion implies some interdependence between the relevant factors, and in particular a similarity between the trade marks and between the goods or services.


Accordingly, a lesser degree of similarity between the goods or services may be offset by a greater degree of similarity between the marks, and vice versa.

Ce trebuie sa stii despre inregistrarea unei marci

Furthermore, the more distinctive the earlier mark, the greater the risk of confusion. Marks with a highly distinctive character, either per se or because of the reputation they possess on the market, enjoy broader protection than marks with a less distinctive character.

See Canon, paragraph 17 et seq. For the purposes of that global appreciation, the average consumer of the category of products concerned is deemed to be reasonably well-informed and reasonably observant and circumspect.

However, account should be taken of the fact that the average consumer only rarely has the chance to make a direct comparison between the different marks but must place his trust in the imperfect picture of them that he has kept in his mind. Consequently, the distinctiveness of the earlier mark must be seen as average in the present case.

In view of the foregoing and taking into consideration the degree of similarity between the marks, it is likely that a part of relevant public in the relevant territory, i. Therefore there is a likelihood of confusion including likelihood of association between the CTM application and the earlier right for all contested goods and the opposition must be fully upheld. Consequently, the CTM application must be rejected in its entirety. Since the applicant is the losing party in the opposition proceedings, it must bear all costs incurred by the other party in the course of these proceedings.

Uphold opposition number B for all the contested goods and services. Reject application number 4 in its entirety. Order the applicant to bear the costs. Cautare marci depuse in anul Saptamana 1 Saptamana 2 Saptamana 3 Saptamana 4. Marci in curs de expirare. Marci depuse pe clasa 2 Marci depuse pe clasa 5 Marci depuse pe clasa 8 Marci depuse pe clasa 11 Marci depuse pe clasa 12 Marci depuse pe clasa 14 Marci depuse pe clasa 17