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ASMC is pleased to announce that an optional fourth module of the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) exam is available. This optional module deals. Each core competency requires CDFM candidates to demonstrate proficiency in the knowledge elements for each module. Below are the elements for Module 3. The CDFM Module 1 Mini-Course provides 8-hours of intensive instruction focused on the material covered in the Enhanced Defense Financial Management.

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Registration is not required but helps us estimate catering needs. Powered by Higher Logic. No cell phone or calculator use is allowed in the testing room. More than one exam can be taken on the same day, but only one exam can be taken per testing session.

CDFM Module 2 Flashcards

Monday, May 28 8am-5pm. Module 4 Addendum Textbook Textbook included in cost of course.

If your enrollment will expire before your mofules date, please contact the Certification Department for assistance see contact information below. At the San Diego PDI, last year, we did a trial run of offering 6am testing sessions to allow people an opportunity to test before PDI workshops and other activities began for the day.


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So, our dedicated Certification staff has committed to offering these time slots again this year on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. See PDI workshop descriptions for detailed information. If your certification has lapsed and you would like to be reinstated, contact us at certification asmconline.

Tue, May 29, 8am-5pm Room: All 4 of the CDFM module exams are available and can be taken in any order.

CDFM Module 2 – Online Flashcards by Darren Hay | Brainscape

To check your enrollment status: It turned out to be our most popular testing time slot! Acquisition Business Management Course Two-day course: Testing Sessions Each testing session allows you aas hours to complete the exam. View more information about CDFM certification here: However, if you have questions about testing, please contact us at certification asmconline. Changing Testing Reservation at PDI You will be allowed to change the module and testing time after purchase, if desired.

Call Registration Headquarters at cdf, assistance.

Skip auxiliary navigation Press Enter. If your enrollment will expire before your testing date or if you are CDFM certified and would like to modulrs the Module 4 Acquisition exam, please contact the Certification Department for assistance.


Mon-Tue, May8am-5pm Room: All personal items, including study materials, jackets, purses, and cell phones turned off must be placed against the testing room wall.

Separate registration and payment is required. Contact Us Code of Conduct. If you do not show up for your testing appointment and do not reschedule it by the end of PDI, your exam fee will be forfeited. Ed Clancy, Ccdfm Arns Cost: Note that no talking or cell phone use is allowed in the study room.

Mon, May 28, 8am-5pm Room: Testing Reservations We are offering paper-and-pencil testing with results sent in 24 hours or less. Buy the textbook online and bring your copy or buy at PDI.

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Tuesday, May 29 8am-5pm.